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The method that becomes happy

The method that becomes happy 2

It is a Japanese incense stick

a story

The first screen

1.      Hydrangea Tea is “Buddha’s Pleasure”.

Hydrangea Tea incense is often used to celebrate birth, and the tea is a favorite drink of one’s ancestors. It is a treat to Buddha when, with a true heart, you offer the Hydrangea Tea as repayment for kindness and thankfulness.

2.  The Hydrangea Tea Aroma helps clear the mind of misfortune.

When your mind is clouded with a sense of misfortune, the Hydrangea Tea scent will help dissipate that feeling. Hydrangea Tea has been known for its healing properties, which relieve tension and promote longer life.  In New Year’s Eve ceremonies, a bell is rung at night and the hydrangea fragrance is use to wash away the calamity of misfortune which has accumulated in your heart throughout the year. It allows you to focus on the good things that have happened recently and “wash your heart” of the hateful things that are not part of your spirit. Once completed, you should rejoice in a healed, lean, eternally happy and humble heart.

3.  Eternal Happiness from the Hydrangea Fragrance.

The hydrangea fragrance grants you the courage and happiness to overcome what we all find difficult to confront. It is considered an important part of the road to a person’s paradise, and lifts your appreciation of the happiness of the “pure land”, including praying. Often referred to as the “heart of mercy which rejoices in the joy of others” the hydrangea fragrance represents sincerity and a blossoming of eternally beautiful happiness, which you achieve when your good conduct toward others is repeated.

An additive "why does the incense stick steam to a family's Buddhist altar?"
The incense stick is Buddhist altar fittings of the one of the methods of a religious Buddhism ceremony? Is "" a meaning to a burning incense stick? Is it toy fireworks to a family's Buddhist altar?
Is it the fragrance of the incense stick and a price and contents charges to be interested?
Is it the manner common sense manners of the incense stick? To an incense stick way and how to put up? "

The incense stick is called a meal of Buddha, but what will the memorial service be ...?
I offer it with the memorial service and feed it. I offer own, the everyday tired heart and body of the family and feed it.
How is Buddha pleased with with the memorial service? Because the inside is hollow and can outrun you behind, the ... carp streamer I offer a heart of the consideration to feel the situation and the feelings of the partner, true heart to treat others sincerely, and to feed stops in the sky, but the carp rises by the countercurrent that a current cannot outrun and is serious.
The sea bream dislikes New Year holidays, and the turkey feels feelings and the situation of the ... partner whom Christmas will begin to dislike.
... which go which the thing is to grieve somewhere by all means if there is a pleased thing.

The favorite of Buddha seems to be sinter / incense / a light. (A flower, an incense stick, a candle)It is said that the Buddha has the heart that is going to offer a reason, a good fragrance for the sacrifice when it is only a thing treating others, and ... smoke reaches the Buddha in oneself as for the three.
Of the rudeness so that there is not it; consideration to the Buddha, the hospitality of the true heart to the Buddha.
The pet is very hospitality ... that the meal has the rice of ancestors on oneself of the home as hard as possible about every day.
There is a direct cause piling up and seems to be important every day because there is the big reward that accepted it by all means.

A direct cause (the environment of the usual times, an act) to cause a result with fate = 因. An external condition (the environment of the circumference, a state) to help it with the relationship.
It is an omen fate occurrence = for short.
Because omen = accepts interdependent relations of every existence, thank you, the service called the repayment of kindness is born. I fall by a birth relationship by a relationship. Only this seems to be unchangeable truth in eternity.

As for the fragrance, the going ... people which an article to buy with a kid, a rich person, Asura, Buddha is different in seem to be going to gather to the middle, and the person falling into the shade demands a festival and a bright fragrance, a color to be able to rise to the top, and I am positive, and the rising person demands a-colored thing of oneself for environment of ... oneself who demands the place that calmed down, a fragrance to sink a heart and the color that calmed down, a heart.
When I am young, in search of money, the foreign incense sticks which I can demand in one coin in the ... society in search of health when I grow old seem to be popular, and the person putting an important point in the contents of the wallet is satisfied, and even the cheap incense stick which I produced abroad, meat and a fish and the fishery products of the foreign country product are saved, and it does not seem to be bad, but I am the same as a kid, and a heart becomes poor only in it, and it does not seem to be possible for a space of the heart. A meal of the confidence is every meal fast food, too. In fact, I commit an important mistake to find the health! The fragrance was used as a noble hobby as the thing which fixed the environment that satisfied the five senses from the Heian era, and it seems to have been enjoyed. A heart becomes formal, and the lenience and severity may get sick by the life only of the same fragrance that few Gomi cannot enjoy. It seems to become the ill cause to covet in one's favorite fragrance. Even if hospital charges cost dearly, and do not go Penny wise and pound foolish;, as for the raw materials of the incense stick, as for what use Chinese medicine and herb, big to most feeling body; is good; affect it. I have from mine, a nose from a mouth. Life without the fragrance is the life that does not need a nose. Why will the nose stick? When the best satisfaction is provided for eyes and an ear and a nose and a mouth and a heart, I say, but say that the normal people exceed 70% and are kept to the eyes.
One's world will turn love it. In fact, I am big, and being fragrant with a color helps it to live life that I calmed down to come to have a character to have calmed down though I fix environment and the mind of the confidence family!
You may learn calligraphy, incense smelling, flower arrangement to fix the fate.
It is effective when I use study, reading, penmanship, a party, weather and a fragrance of the gloom properly!

The incense stick which is called a meal of Buddha. ... which the Buddha may get tired of if it is the same incense stick every day.

I offer the same flower and an incense stick and a candle and rice and water for the everyday work and may seem to do it, but even a favorite of the Buddha and tea, hydrangea tea said to seem to be pleased with for confidence on a special day of the ancestors on a special day. I may become metabolic like the human being who starved in stress and greed if Buddha is absorbed in a feast every day.
The weather on the day when I cleared on a cloudy day on the day when it rained when "the confidence was the same as the family who bred a pet, and a nose got used and did not understand sweet smell." A toilsome day, a day feeling heavy, the physical condition of a cheerful day.
I match it with the up in the season of the four season of the coming down, and life of a space, the five senses are clear. There are the four seasons in ... Japan at an elegant moment going by slowly and will not enjoy the circulation with right or wrong, a fragrance?
This is a chance to spend time had left effectively. The fragrance that is innocent for the visitor whom it is come to with the same incense and fragrance every day when I use you as hospitality. Therefore many effects are not given to the working person.
It is cheerful to utter, and it is gloomy to be popular. When the side to treat changes a fragrance by weather in the four season, it is effective happily.

You had better seem to use the sweet smell for ups and downs in total in the weather of the heart of the confidence, the soil and the four season of the body that it is it so that it is said that I give the medicine which accepted
I give the medicine which accepted illness = disease to give water of the moisture regularly in the field which died.

There seems to be a meaning to wash away an evil / the misfortune that collected in the heart to hydrangea tea called a favorite of Buddha.
In the confession that has done = of a bad thing! When was fortunate, do a good thing; and is hydrangea tea incense for thanks!

A heart is clouded with the state that the environment of the clean hydrangea tea incense = daily life does not meet when I think that a thing having good it tends few, to be unpleasant recently. Inquire into the cloudiness of the hesitation in such a case, and cleanse it; and the sweet smell / cleanliness hydrangea tea incense which gives courage to confront every difficulty desired. The thanks of was good day when do its best, new construction moves in spring in the morning on a cloudy day from winter from a ... use example = early morning;, on reset, the celebration on the sixtieth birthday, a coming-of-age ceremony, an anniversary of a death, is a tray, the equinoctial week in traditional end of winter, an unlucky year on the last day of the year on a Flower Day

It is accumulated for the fatigue by the painful life in every day so that it is said that sweet food is good when mercy hydrangea tea incense = was tiring. Sweet smell / mercy hydrangea tea incense of the love that I am drowned and it is good and I am kind and am sweet and hug a heart and open the door of the heart, and give the tears that the mercy hydrangea tea incense was covered in heavy darkness deeply pleasure. When a heart was tiring; the sweet fragrance that gives a heart of to finish flying!
When, in use example = winter, I am lonely at night when I was tired in the rainy season on a rainy day.

I learn physical pain of the mind in the relationship of the enthusiastic person and person on the sandalwood hydrangea tea incense = life, the fine stage variously, and it is much more serious at a same, hot place to live a life. When straight smoke and rich sweet smell to provoke influence to take energy emitted in the five senses variously like a cushion from the outside world to a soft heart body want to keep the present conditions at noon on a hot day on the day of the sweet smell / sandalwood hydrangea tea incense use example = fine weather of a dream healing eyes and a nose and the depressed heart of a feeling of 3 of the heart.

When aloes wood hydrangea tea incense = things go well, it rises and I am pleasant and clear, but I lay negligence, and the tip of the heart splits finely. Sweet smell / aloes wood hydrangea tea incense of the truth letting I let the heart that I remove pain of the jagger, and surfaced sink calmly and I am red and calm down.
When when relax on a clear day in the evening, autumn from use example = noon, want to calm down; aloes wood hydrangea tea incense.

It is fine and dwells, and green tea = is blue, and cold rain begins to fall and takes shelter.
And the moment when a day of the sun begins to shine. A small bird begins to call and induces you to weather.
I am born, and, from winter to spring, the flower of various colors blooms from blue to Midori. When the sweet smell / fine weather of the opening dwells and green tea use example = is convalescent and begins things at the time of sickness after rain.

... which go which being fragrant thinks about the way of feeling for confidence in various things and should use

If there is not movement in the world that rots if there is not movement as for the water either; ...
The destruction lays the development so that a temple revives to the trace which burnt as a town of the Edo era burns with several degrees, and having repeated revival, redevelopment. As for the flame, it is symbolized the prosperity. I saved Edo by the reopening of the fire. The revival demand for building engineering works activated economy, and the life of the common people led by the craftsman of the Edo era was enriched. There was various demand from the postwar burnt field, and Japan did high economic growth. There is the person whom there is movement in the new field called the IT, and was moistened, but it is difficult to make movement continuously.
Movement of destruction and the reproduction, the world seem to repeat it on a global scale.

The positive dove which was able to become a difference, a heart's-ease learns calligraphy and incense smelling, flower arrangement, and the richness of the heart, a space of time sink a heart with apprenticeship and a husband calmly. It is ... in old days in the temple where a dove was in a temple. I seem to have spent the dove called a symbol of peace peacefully without troubling whom. The temple seems to have been a place such as the school, and the dove ate bait and I took a shit without persecuting others and spent it peacefully. I eat the bait which the doves which are a heart's-ease gather, and can calm various feelings, and there seem to be many people called the teacher whom a heart is rich in to the dove which is so ... peace which leaves money to change now.
Called 陽遁 (Yaw ton) which is good if is positive even if become the Chinese phoenix from a dove is so.
The peaceful person that oneself was saved as for the dove. Hydrangea tea incense ... which changes the person ... dove which a Chinese phoenix and the dragon are peaceful, and relieve others into a Chinese phoenix.
... which I will start that what it is to become the hell when it can set in the falling person more than it and changes a fragrance for a feeling and uses is good. The dove of the Japanese peace sees quarrelling by a scramble of the bait now. A dove seems to be that only a scramble of the bait quarrels with a friend.
It is difficult unless oneself is saved to save a partner, but will there be no help for it so that oneself live? ... that various birds gather in the torii once a year

As for the conventional Japanese incense stick, there was many what a rich person with space that seemed to be the noble of the Heian era used in high economic growth (the common people get a country, money of the religion) with a luxury. In the days of Edo, the common people do not seem to have had the posthumous Buddhist name and the room having a grave, a family's Buddhist altar without a surname. The Buddnists' paradise faith that was saved just to advocate it with south nothing Amitabha was popular, and it seems to have been all could do to be only to live in now. The fragrance that the aloes wood is a tea-ceremony room, but sink the heart why even an incense party floated. Shut quiet simplicity is simple and is calm and apologizes to the room of the tatami mat, and the deep space that it is bitter and is taciturn, and is solemn said rust to is directed. ... that it was possible for rescued the person whom a viewpoint changed worldwide, and gap-widening society went ahead through present Japan, and set, was cheerful, being fragrant.
I seem to see a cheerful fragrance and a golden family's Buddhist altar, the yellow package rescuing gloom for light desired.
If there is not it in a shop prepared in the days of a thing of the present entirely, I seem to be particular. The popular person has money, but there is not time, and the unpopular person does not have money, but there is not that it was the society which there is in time too much in a time to spare though there is not the money either. An incense stick, a candle, a family's Buddhist altar, a funeral service, a gravestone, a cemetery, temple and others.
A thing of rice is difficult, and the rice dealer selling the thing which may be high seems to be able to continue the rice.
... which seems to advance to the bipolarization of a person in search of a price and a person demanding a good thing not a price

Is time ... purchasing a souvenir the thing which it is liked, and is pleased with? I sympathize with a partner and am glad when I remember a smile (mercy). Incense smelling, it is flower arrangement / tea ceremony, no seeing of Gion, Kyoto earlier. The best hospitality (wisdom) I know a partner, and to meet.
The year-end present seems to be good only by the midyear gift doing the souvenir than the incense stick does not do the visit to a grave either, but consideration and true heart to think about the thing which originally accepted a partner seem to be "the hospitality" of healing that is Japanese traditional culture. Greetings to it is hard to the gift in return of the partner who had when I sympathize to the contents of the wallet, but the future is long, keeping company. "Consideration" to feel the history of the partner and "true heart" to treat others sincerely.
Hospitality of the incense stick "hydrangea tea incense" of a favorite of Buddha to the ancestors that it is entered Nirvana so that there is not it of the rudeness and hydrangea tea said to.

I offer it and feed it. ... which go that I am the same as joys and sorrows moderation (there is a way between pain and comfort), and the people are going to gather with both the Yin Yang method and the person that a rich person is poor midmost.
If make the fragrance high quality, the color is slightly dark; enjoy it, and should seem to light it if think to gather general people.
... which say when the person is which wears the clothes that the person that ... is so young whom I do not force a young person and old person, a behind-the-scenes person and a positive person, the same thing on is black to control spirit

Pay for it unless offer an incense stick in morning; feel like seeming to have a bad thing, and a heart is clouded.
... which is the thing which becomes uneasy unless I usually do it.
When offer it properly, can walk while having oneself is saved, and ancestors protect the middle of the way without worry brightly; is so ... I say that there are introduction, development, denouement and conclusion, the four season in the life, but when winter gets closer, a point becomes uneasy and goes around pilgrimage and the Kannon hallowed ground, and there is a thing beginning the worship of the temple, but I can understand by oneself when all right because I do it this way", and oneself seems to be saved from fear, the uneasiness that nothing does when I do it what it is.

A bad act and a dark heart, black and the shade absorbed light, and the toilsome crow which was so black under the bridge with ... Kyoto stood to the ironsmith on the waterside and prevented light of the sun.
... that it seemed to be very hard to stand all the time.
A positive was too strong, and a dove sat down on what was there much more in the way that I was peaceful at all in the shade of a tree of the ... riverbank, and the person who played an active part in the line of the ... fine weather stage which both the person whom I prevented the sun, and lived under a bridge and the person who lived by a tent went at all along enjoyed the cool air.

Because I live all the time about the ground, it is good, and the snake is compared to a black shade.
... that the bait is produced for oneself, but it is difficult to do it for others without a foot without a hand what it is throughout the life.
When there is usually the dragon underwater, it is imagined, and it rises, and I become positive, and the sky can bring rain and seems to benefit others.
There seem to be a ... hand and the foot having both the hand and the foot to a dragon to benefit others.
The human being writes it as the relationship of a person and the person, but I seem to help it so that other nets consist like a mesh of a net each and surround the length and breadth inexhaustibility with a net so that, in fact, people do not fall from a net and seem to assist it.

A visiting dress and everyday wear. The Buddhist image of each denomination, the family's Buddhist altar of the denomination. Various incense sticks. Why is it good?
I pat ... why it is this family's Buddhist altar, and is this form good for Buddha? What will you do it for?
... which will start courtesy for the partner not likes and dislikes of ... oneself whom there will be many when I purchase it because I advance from the solution to recommendation, the story if this is generally good though there is not it.

There are many cases to do because all make ... things bad in ostensibility (a law of the same); and as for what ... (wisdom group Luo honey) which hold it without thinking if do what, and say it a form, but, in fact, will start a large chop 事, wisdom understand what kind of meaning there is for this act not a form and a custom, and to keep alive in the future (see through truth in the wisdom = rear.) ) which thinks about wisdom = things by the loss and gain

There seems to be the meaning the heart why children worship ancient people and a superior person carefully is kept as for the figure which parents offer an incense stick to the ancestors, and respect ancestors while I do not know it if birth, the order of the family, the dignity of the parent are natural, and to keep prosperity of the family, the peace of the family.
A child watching it watches the figure which a parent offers for ancestors not one's sake, and it seems to be born in a heart of the mercy it forgets oneself not the oneself center, and to benefit others, true heart to be considerate of a partner to do it if a partner is pleased, the modest heart to treat with an incense stick of the favorite "hydrangea tea incense" of the Buddha not celebrating it only on a birthday of Buddha, one's birthday on an anniversary of a death.
It resembles it entirely that there is ancestors, and it has been been laid if I understand that there is it now, and a feeling of thankfulness is born.
As for the incense stick, treat hope to the tomorrow, an incense stick to ancestors, being fragrant with a heart gives a heart moisture at the same time to satisfy the heart of some person lighting it whom I want to work as.
As for only likes and dislikes, oneself coveting it only to ancestors to an excellent remedy if use a fragrance well "the way of the kid" to the hell.
It is all could do, and treating Buddha so that light an incense stick, and Buddha is pleased with "the way of the person" to the Land of Happiness.
Hold a service for various incarnations of the Buddha many Bodhisattvas, and to arrive to ancestors in its turn; ...
"The hospitality" to treat the others of consideration and the true heart that thought about the situation and the feelings of the partner is manners of the excellent life that I can boast of to the Japanese world, Japanese traditional culture.

"The true heart." A heart to treat others sincerely.
A feeling to sympathize with about the situation and the feelings of the person with "the consideration."

Buddha does not have me, and avoiding it as for liking it says oneself to nothing at all.
I think of various partners and am pleased with the joy of the partner together and grieve for sorrow together and I am troubled even if I try it hard and do not seem to suffer because it is a heart of the mercy that does not expect a partner-centered reward.
As for the teaching Buddhism Great Teacher, that I "forgot oneself and benefited others was left with an extremity of the mercy".
It is not possible to treat a favorite of Buddha not one's likes and dislikes if I do not hold down self-interest.
And I hold down self-interest, and I "am clean, and it is done a heart with the best act to do, and service of the consideration that thought about a partner having Buddha and a lot of people please not one's likes and dislikes seems to bring up the heart that can die in the clean" "Land of Happiness" in an extremity of the mercy.

Feast cleanliness hydrangea tea incense of incense stick, Buddha(About 540 extra-large box 180g Motoiri)

The current people are going ... which simplifies things oneself is terrible to be good, and to be comfortable of circumstances for oneself not the act to get the Land of Happiness of the heart.
Because I abandon that the act was saved while I do not know it because I am various, the gear of the life seems to begin to turn around in the different direction.
... which became the turn that oneself who was saved by the act of the parent saved now. Because a child hates, will ... it be an act to save? It is taken its ease very much, but will the child become the Land of Happiness of the heart?
Various events and duplex house ...
There is such a convenience for oneself, but what kind of convenience will there be for the partner?

The crew who stepped on the divine wind special attack unit (only fuel of the going is in the airplane, and colliding to a partner, purpose) seems to have written a letter to a family in old days at the last night! How are you? Unless I am overwhelmed with emotion, and joy dies out! If can be useful for the country, and is happy; ... Were you made to write that the present person heard it? I may think, but と seems to be different if provided with consideration.
Is hot; is sad; do not want to die. I want to return. How when I copy a plain heart into a letter? The family carries it on his/her back throughout the life and must live.
If a child expects it so that it is said a doting parent, as for the parent, is a child good for bride in a duplex house? I say that the parent does not need to think that I hear it. How will be that I think that I do not mind because it was said to be good by a parent? Different in it does not marry you, but being a parent whether that it is the center is oneself again, but it is ...

A grandchild and the child are nursing home and lonely every day on the day when oneself got old by the reward as for the child of the oneself center without it being thought about a partner unless a parent shows a child hardship and educates you. Thus happiness is good, but I am born, and the person grows old, and it is it in illness and dies. A person going early, the person who go late. It is equality that there is for 24 hours, and it seems to be a purpose of the Buddhism all day long that oneself is saved, and use the life significantly. It seems to be the duty of the parent that show that I gradually grow old, and the person dies sometime. ... which is troubled even if informed of it suddenly after getting old without watching it. There seem to be the person who is going to live how and the person who are going to spend it how in future from now on from now on in the world.
(I seem to meet three angels till I die.) A lot of people are ... which the angel is which they teach when it is it which they will untie doing a thing bad from experience of the oneself with the angel whom one bends a waist, and walk, an angel of the illness, the lifeless angel) television.
A worker ant, a sluggard ant. There seems to be a duty in each all, and 10% seems to appear newly by all means even if I remove all the sluggard ants. As for the sluggard ant, there seems to be a duty to find the new bait before a certain bait disappears now, and, as for the bee, will a human being be the same entirely? Who is the queen bee? Is it the continuation of the creature? ? For the descendant prosperity? ? ? For the earth? ? ? ?

The place where the extremity is comfortable as for Land of Happiness it. The Land of Happiness that even a bad person can go. I am "saved from the fear to fall into the hell becoming no use because I leave for the good direction because the good person does a good thing, and the heart is moistened by oneself". Because the bad person does a bad thing, and a shady heart is sick, I am not saved by oneself, but the bad person is "saved by a partner" if I say that even you are saved. (The person who does not think that I did it even if I do a bad thing is saved)Anyone is saved from the trouble pains of the world when I die, and it is the comfort of the extremity, but such a person seems to do study to save a person to Amitabha this time in the Land of Happiness. A symbol of the natural power that Land of Happiness and heaven, God produced the earth. Because a late person does not have the body; a soul of 1,000 come to it-like, and seem to train itself. ... which I will take out which it is easy to cut a solution and compares it to with the figure of a real fresh-and-blood person. If the next fits a human being by samsara by all means, is so holy now, and do not feel it,; but of 1,000 if thought about when is born to the human being and whether think about the next in this way again after having come to it-like, become thankful at all for what there is this moment now, and move own body. It seems to be given death in eternity whether there is not the body in the Buddhism, and all people revive with the young body after the Last Supper in Christianity and I divide a good person and a bad person and am given life in eternity.

Hydrangea tea to pour on a Flower Day is a favorite of died Buddha / ancestors.
"The hydrangea tea incense" of the incense stick is a favorite of Buddha.

The people of the country of Buddha drink the deliciousness of the last perpetual youth and longevity (the miraculous medicine of the all sorts of disease) of the suffering to be able to take from the French world central Sumeru.
It is "hydrangea tea" it flows into the (a birthday of Buddha) in substitution for the deliciousness on a Flower Day, and to celebrate birth.
While I live, the human being is troubled by every worldly desires. The hydrangea tea to pour on a Flower Day washes away one's greed for worldly desires and disaster shortage, and there seems to be a meaning I heal mind and body and keep longevity, and to wash away a heart. It is said that it cleanses the body to drink hydrangea tea. I do a purge with water in the Shinto shrine.
I die, and the ancestors that I can steal out of the ring of the transmigration in the six worlds, and it is with a resident of French world) is let loose by deep attachment / the worldly desires of the likes and dislikes good or bad of the world, and it is enjoyed realization for an empty heart, and it seems to be spent.
At last the feeling seems to have the offering which regrets are left though they were able to become Buddha.
There is what I do not like very much on the moon and another star if I like the going (comparison) sun which I avoid it by all means when the person says when I like which this and that, and there is a weak point and compares with 2.
The pains that are the best as for the illness without the top, the arrangement as for the starvation.
(I do not compare it to a thing without the interest either, but there is not a thing to compare in the sky pointing at the whole ... them and seems to transcend it)I begin to gather oneself when seized with own way.

A father mother old woman temple Buddhist priest incense stick, moon state, noon. I respect it and show respect. The sun loaded the old person who had a hard time in various things at empty noon central, to come with respect and would thank me so that the sun came to the center of the pyramid in the morning not to say the evening?
"Hydrangea tea" is a feast for ancestors living in the world of Buddha. I get tired of even the fragrance to like of own with the every day same side dish in feast [hydrangea tea incense] usual times of Buddha, and it is a birthday of the Buddha on an anniversary of a death so that the living person has a feast on a birthday. I celebrate it and will treat you with a favorite of Buddha of the leading role.
The family's Buddhist altar says a house of Buddha, and it is said that the incense stick of Buddhist altar fittings is a meal.
I will treat you particularly heartily in the first Bon service for the deceased first Bon.
Do you have the manners that the incense stick raises think about the situation and feelings of the Buddha not one's preference and oneself center and please how?
Of the rudeness it is to treat with a heart of the consideration so that there is not it [a manner to the ancestors].

Will it be why that there are a lot of fragrance and kinds of the incense stick? Though the Buddha says nothing to avoiding it as for liking it, as for "what, ... does not say to the incense stick by oneself either". I am gone around for sacrifice by oneself to the every corner and am pleased with the joy of the service person with a fragrance with people together equally, and the incense stick is merciful and gives it, and nothing is heard after the fact, and it is an extremity of the mercy. The "incense stick burns till the last when I set fire once and I burn oneself and treat healing and a fragrance to people, but I burn one's energy and heal outcome people variously, and I light an incense stick in what give profit and happiness, and the Buddha offers prayer and a feeling of thankfulness in Buddha.
"The ancestors may help it as well as Buddha, too"
The confidence will entertain oneself like a favorite flower of Buddha, an incense stick, a candle without saying.

With "the six kinds of ascetic practices for Buddhist saints to come out in this prose"

There is a method to be able to stream down prayer / thanks to God, Buddha by religion variously from old days in the world.
There are a fragrance, a sacrifice, a ceremony a lot, but why will be it?
The reason is because it can find joy and value in direction and a group ceremony.
Is it a picture of pyramid / Seven Deities of Good Luck / Nazca above the ground? Is it a moai image? Is it an altar? Is it an old burial mound? Is it a mummy?
A grave, peace. Because all are not saved only by oneself, a temple and the church are necessary.
If a future person looks, will you wonder at the current world scene?
When the leader of the circumference should do it this way, I seem to teach it to a troubled troubled person!
... that the person does not seem to be which the powers-that-be demanded life and prosperity of the eternity, but I die by all means and pray for prosperity in the next world and seem to have done a ceremony to the revival, but it still revives, and still live.
How about ... this which offends you as for the partner to tell the words to deny unless it is possible as for it that there is not this that there is not the next world ... which go which I suggest what is different, and there is it in a shop of that place and should recommend Masuyo and a place to!

@ Relief (not anxious)
) that a heart becomes reliable
A Normal B Uneasiness (a bad thing seems to happen)
Happiness(A complaint is satisfied, and a heart is contented) Normal A complaint(I cannot be satisfied and intend unpleasantly)
Happiness(I am blessed with good luck, and a heart is contented) Normal A trouble(Mental pains)
Pleasure(I count about things, a point feeling that I am happy and wait expectantly) Normal Pains(Lame feeling and thought to feel that I suffer again at the time)
Joy(Being pleased, it is the feeling again) Normal Sorrow(A feeling to feel sad)
I want to save it Normal I want to be saved
It is demanded Normal I demand it
☆ It is satisfied(Satisfaction) Normal ☆ It is not satisfied(Dissatisfaction)

Happy = complaint and I am satisfied, and a heart being contented.
 Is blessed with happy = good luck; and a heart being contented.
 The lucky = luck being good
 I align helpless circulation by the power of the luck = person.
 I am destined I let you rotate, and to rotate without a relation with the intention of the = person.
 I align circulation decided as relationship = fate.
 The circulation alignment that is helpless by the power of the fate = person and the situation of the person

@ When because it is common, the person whom is similar, and there is does not cut a solution, but is envious, and think that a cloudy person falling into the valley of ,B watches @, and stop on the mountain of ,@; of @ become clear. Why will be it?
Is good; is bad; seem to be because do not appear, and think it to "be splendid". I am splendid by bare の fine weather!
The who is superior so as to take a splendid = impression. I am wonderful wonderfully and am an ideal-like.
Feel it in a heart deeply so that impression = is unforgettable. The jealousy is not born there.
You should seem to do an impression (I feel special meaning and value in things, and it is strongly changed a heart) a lot if splendid.
I seem to be able to be "impressed with the incense stick of the hydrangea tea". ... which go that there is the deep meaning that is so deep to the incense stick which I offered in the "normal every day

@ When the の person sometimes goes down because it cuts a solution to be thankful for @ when it falls in the valley of B, it seems to be good.

@ A mountain A Level ground B A valley
@ A bright positive color A Normal B A gloomy shade
@ I see it A Normal B I do not see it
A dragon A dove A snake
A Chinese phoenix A sparrow A shark killer whale
Spirit Normal A disease
Beautiful weather Fine weather Rain, cloudiness
Courage Normal A failure
I am enough Normal I run out
Enough Normal Lack
I teach it Normal I have you teach it
I can do it Normal I cannot do it
It prospers Normal It declines
A rich person Normal A debt carrier
Room Normal I am troubled
I am rich Normal I am poor
Success Normal Failure
Happiness Normal Misfortune
Victory Normal Defeat
The Land of Happiness A human being Hell
I am beautiful Normal It is dirty
It is delicious Normal I am bad
A blessing(Divine favor) Normal A natural disaster(A curse)
A good year Normal An unlucky year
Life Normal Death
Improvement Normal The decline
I am young Normal I am old
High The inside Low
I become you Normal I do not become you
Convenience Normal Inconvenience
I am busy Normal Time
Simply Normal I am particular
It is good Normal No use
I like it Normal I dislike it
I am new Normal I am old

By the way, which will the human being buy various new things in when there is it? I want to become the rich person happiness that want to be saved that wants to be saved. The human being seems to find quality that oneself does not have. If it cannot be possible if a certain thing disappears, there is it when the heart sets when it is natural, and a matter of course disappeared and notices it though I am thankful and does not readily notice it now while there is it. The person whom I can thank while there is it so that it is said nobody when it is an angel seems to be a splendid person. I have you give time to think and am thankful for the misfortune that I am thankful for for happiness. Will notice it being unhappy, and may rise; appear, and is fortunate. It is the best place to feel the top of the red carpet for a long time at receiving a prize time and disappears on the top when I get off it. If red time thought about the future that is over while watching a red carpet, I have a long it more and feel it. Happy calm blue time passes in no time like the Dragon's Palace. Is hard pain; is unhappy; when is red, have a long it very by time having a short stimulating interval when watch fresh blood whenever think that is unpleasant by there can be it, and walking Mt. Tsurugi-san at the bottom of shoes, and feel it. Because the unhappy life has a long it very in an ascent to think about that the precious life had left from the happy life has a long it, and is steep in bodily sensation time and can feel misfortune slowly, I am thankful at all for the life having a long.

When it became B, it seems to strongly demand @ to demand.
If even a couple keeps a heart fresh, I seem to last a long time. I seem to keep away that winter comes when I can be by the relations that seem to be spring so that the entrance to school that feeling of strain seems to be the freshness, and is innocent is raw.
If it becomes natural for there to be it together, the freshness declines. You must seem to forget the heart that wants to satisfy a partner. The love wants to satisfy desire, oneself. The love wants to satisfy a partner! ! It is good that it is good to be sad in one's present environment, and a movie and the story are happy; and ...

The person seems to be controlled by environment. The Statue of Liberty publishes the right hand, and the bronze statue of the securities exchange of New York takes down the palm of both hands for a bottom. There seems to be the viewpoint that a situation, the top that I am going to go up from the bottom need in the world.
If if is hot (is thick), is black, and is cold (is thin); in white and blue. I seem to become quick in the district cold brightly in the warm place.

Where will need the present heart.
... which I cannot sell because I do not demand it if I cannot suggest it when I become convenient more when it is this in convenience and person @ which it thinks, and it is satisfied with now which does not feel inconvenience if I think by the sale of the thing.
On the contrary, it seems to be easy to purchase person B feeling inconvenience because I demand it.

I usually have a B trouble of something, pains uneasiness, and the human being escapes and seems to demand @ happiness, comfort, relief.
Originally the human being has pains growing old toward the everybody death and there is a trouble every day elsewhere and is clouded. As for the person, the smart person makes fine weather to escape from it. ... which I will start which a festival or the felicitous event that a temple made are so, but the person leaves the everyday life and is troubled, and want to forget pains.
There is the person whom I prepare for fine weather, the fine weather stage with an atmosphere of the shopping if there is the person who makes Halle with a festival, and is satisfied.

I do not buy even clothes if satisfied with now, but demand what is better because it is not satisfied.
It needs not to seem to be satisfied forever if I do not control a heart to want. When when it failed if learned attachment, lost you; ... which produces sorrow.
If there is it commonly, I am calm, but I am in inverse proportion to it so as to be deep if a valley is deep and I am big and seem to demand a mountain.
... which strictness of father shoots pain when a child did a useless thing and says when I give gentleness comfort of mother, but father scolds the heart that floated, and I drop it and amuse myself when mother is boyhood, and give B comfort.
A pendulum ceremony to hold with two people such as relations of the rouge et noir. (抜苦与楽)I sink it in aloes wood, and it will be good even if I can float it in a sandalwood!

Get relief, and person @ got satisfaction from does not take action too much because a heart is already saved, but is saved by uneasiness, person B which is troubled, and suffer if do it this way; if suggest it when improve more, the person is saved thereby. There is the person who purchases a yellow thing when I want to become "rich", but there is the mind I am different from the original will and obtain a yellow thing and am satisfied, and to say Care will kill a cat then even if I do not become rich when I am saved.
(When this is already no use for a person with the illness three months later, when say, the person is troubled in the meantime, and suffer, but should do it this way; when say when "is all right", the person resembles what, meanwhile, is saved even if even no use dies three months later.)
It is not clouded! All glitters! An oar light! The light desired will show yellow quality to a depressed person!
It "is easy to gain money". ... which go that Edison said when I noticed that oneself was poor and should have thought about things more carefully. The Mahayanist Buddhism seems to be going to be saved not only oneself being saved together. ... that you have a feeling that even no use was saved if said that it is all right, and the heart is saved.

The person who wants to spend it in ignorance is bliss without being informed of that I die with the person who wants to spend three months when the person dying three months later is informed of that I die, and it was had significantly three months later. As for the person person whom a lot of, decline a medical examination from oneself regardless of money side wanting you to tell it about the which advances from oneself to the medical examination, there seem to be many cases that I do not want to know if I want to know which the person is. As for time when misfortune and the trouble are red, as for time when the pleasure is inexperienced, I am short for a long time.
Because I am enough to write that a foot rises to be satisfied, I am new and do not demand it. Because a foot is not enough, I find the lack. I will leave it on one step this side of the satisfaction so that it is not got tired. It is not satisfied to get tired when I know all when I put the part which is the unknown world, a mystery ass. All seems to happen heartily.

I am saved if I do it this way. Request for ... is saved from the fear that does not come true if I grant a wish, and only 1 can challenge it. Because, as for praying, the three disappears from a solution by oneself what is whether is the guardian deity of children that it is extremely unusual whether it is a lucky charm or a prayer or fortune-telling;, only as for the one, is ... I submit a suggestion to a heart! When all happens to a Buddhism sacred book heartily, there is it last.

I merely offer the incense stick every day, and thus the person who can think that it is good just to pray is saved because I am various.
The doctor who is in the side saving a lovesick person. The sick person who is helped. There should have been many people who felt it if an aged person and a washing machine to put from the top were inconvenient and slippage type solved the problem and saved it and made a big hit. The electric appliance which satisfies the heart of the person. The person who is satisfied by an electric appliance.
The side (a side to satisfy) to save contains money, but, in the saved side (a satisfied side), money decreases. @I do not seem to become it unless I become the side (a side to satisfy) to save if I am similar and want to become it. I am busy with the act that I help a ... person satisfying a partner and teach it, and give pleasure, but a heart is satisfied, and oneself is moistened and is happy.
The person who want to be satisfied who wants to be saved is free, and oneself cannot be satisfied everywhere. Unless become a side to satisfy, the side to save; ...

@ As for the の words, as for the words of ,B, a heart gets rid of dirt moisture by moisture in a heart.
"The heart in those days when it rose in courage to confront a pure heart of the time when I came back and came back and was born, every difficulty"

B When even the story that thought that I am different because I do not accept a story when I deny a partner to save a person in the の state is so, I can play along and it is the trace and had better seem to suggest it. If do it this way, is saved; if become better; ...
At time to shoot time and a heart to sell fortune-telling and an expensive article dead of B investigate that is in a state, and get it which is, and fan uneasiness so that it is it in the body of the partner as it is (shake it), and because a valley is deep, being pleased is big, and seem to get trust if suggest it with (good luck) that should do it this way.
For example, (a heart may not have the ear to hear that it is it in B in A generally when I felt it when a wife made cooking when there is much salt when salt says like an ogre first that much either.)
Because make it with much effort, is no use from a beginning, and is Hashi; come over, and is delicious first; when reduce salt a little more after having praised it when always thank you, should seem to speak it that become more delicious. (It may be that the next day is good to say)I am bad, and the words of B seem to have good one that I do not use. / this which improves more if there may be it, and ...) does it this way seems to be applied to B not A in every corner since before the heart of the wife who made cooking was said. BIt is effective for a の person.

I become no use, and I have a lucky charm, and the person whom control (and I feel like oneself being protected by the ancestors who have luck when lucky can persuade a heart in @ when it is possible) autosuggestion does oneself by oneself, and is saved advocates an incantation if I think that useless if, and there is the person who is saved by another person and Buddha when saved if I do it this way.
It is B that I want to be saved, and it is @ to be a lot in the side to save. The Buddha seems to save the person from B toward @.
@ The person whom is similar, and there is has the acquaintances, and do not think too much because is satisfied, and is good, and say, but when wisdom appears to coming unless can sell it, say, but, as for the person in B thinking as it is which does not do what is, it can be it hard; when think because is hungry, and wisdom appears, there seems to be it. When the words of B give off words of @ many times because a heart is stained without uttering it, the bright future seems to wait for turning around without a motivation missing oneself.
B It seems to be good not it is similar, and it being good to fall to think. If adverse circumstances have it, I think. If a rotation does not help it, the stupid person sits down on financial difficulties to fall into there of the ground relaxedly, but seems to think about why the person whom there is will go down the brain from there. It does not seem to be reality by an example talk for the legend and the movie and the comics to make fine weather apart from usual times.   
1,000-like texts seem to be popular, but do not say a single word to hear a story in a country of God, the Land of Happiness. Not the next world with the body and the soul, I sing when near you because I step on the wind and I become natural and begin it from a dust. It seems to be a text giving courage to the person who lost a really important person.

The haircut person that the haircut shop of the country says when is to the person who does not talk even if the visitor who came meets the person so far when do not come, but it is possible for urban good terms "is after a long absence"! Were you well? Did you meet recently though you did not come what it was? I seem to ask it about from oneself. It has reason that a visitor and a partner leave. And I reform myself when thank you for it if oneself has a fault. A good person is the same, and the bad person feels anger in a place or the thing that I check when pointed out a bad place. A visitor and a partner have a right to choose, and, as for the shop where I cannot fill with a partner not propering, oneself is serious though there is reason unless ... is early, and ..., the times fall. The service to satisfy only a price is great. Special hospitality to nominate the satisfaction of the partner for seems to be need. All rival, a hospitality battle. It seems to be an ideal that it is said to want to buy it by you.

As for the Buddhist image, there is not the person looking up at like B generally, and all the hair rises. I put up hair and drain it behind entirely and look down at the all bottom because the Buddhist image is @, but when this place watches the top more and watches a Buddhist image from there, this place becomes the top, and the Buddhist image seems to sleep a person with the confidence with the human being on the side setting in once.
A very merciful Buddhist image seems to demand help. ... which there is the place where a lot of Buddhist images form a line in Kyoto, but I am overwhelmed seeing from the front, but can think that I watch the top more, and dust collects when I watch a bottom and turn around aside and watch the back, and gold leaf comes off there, and a Buddhist image demands help and the help

Shingen Takeda of the war-torn country military commander and other military commanders did victory prayer in old days at a Shinto shrine and a temple. The person of examination and the job hunting prays now. It is all right if I do it in this way! The person seems to have been saved from fear to lose by round, the fear to be wasted by doing so it. ... which is saved from the fear if I think that it is common to die which I found that I died with the Bushido.
* How will you do ・ ・ if you become it? ? ? Think that creature だ ... it which dies is education with the samurai and is common than I think about と, and the fear that is declined if I think that a man is a declined creature disappears.
Because I cannot go when I do not look up at fighting against a high person of the height than oneself, I am put pressure. Will there be the person who was able to persuade oneself because I grow the tip of the helmet greatly and do it this way if all right? Because a case the creature gives off it what a male is, and to approach seems to be most, I fail and should seem to think that it is natural. However, consideration, consideration and the true heart why the crimes decrease if there is consideration to have, in fact, a partner please not to trouble you seem to be need. But there is darkness in the world, and it does not matter! There is the person whom I throw away that I think about a point, and act. I have a feeling that oneself was saved.
I seem to be saved from fear to fall variously, fear declined association, fear becoming no use, the declined fear now. It seems to have been used the morale in a method to give, but had better seem to do the thing which did not disappear because I was troubled if there was not it and laid pains in pabulum.
One to attack from the top below is comfortable for physical strength for a feeling so that it is comfortable that a big person saves a little person in the battlefield. ... which I will take out which is toilsome unless the battlefield of the life lets @ go up oneself

When even the baseball player became the pinch, power of 100% does not come out. How will you do it if beaten with a mental thing? A bad image is hyperるもの. ... which is worried about the future to be interested in a runner. I cast a spell in own in such a case. Even if have an image to be over by a boyhood good result if do it this way in a plus thought even if think about a point because there is no help for it, and even a lucky charm writes the character of the person in one's hand, and drink even an incantation, is a family at all; autosuggestion. If do it this way, should become it in this way; if image it, courage is provided. And when may have got off with only this when was beaten; autosuggestion. As for the life, boyhood is good; is good; should seem to go while enjoying now in the thought of the plus if is good. (the traffic accident is so, too.) If the uneasiness of the new car does it this way, the prayer of the road safety of the car is all right. When even if was popular, there was the accident when got up, but watched a completely demolished car, and finished it only in this; accident suggestion)

When it blooms, the flower is scattered, but there is the flower which is scattered before blooming. The environment that is given a good container and good manure and good water and light without receiving it so that a flower of various heredity blooms beautifully is need. I study to obtain a good container and the soil and water and diet and wear good clothes to eat to let a same, beautiful flower bloom and demand the good light of the high-rise building. I eat to an animal for oneself depending on a flower and assume it nourishment. Is it structure of the solar system? What I keep it away from bait, the trap which I do a net and can write a net, and the devil threw and isolate is desirable if possible so that the pollen which important floral art does not need does not fly. If I commit every danger and do not fall at the bottom of the sea, the splendid treasure cannot get Sato Rino treasure so that the value does not become known if I do not enter the muddy sea of the hesitation not to be provided. It is a person having deep attachment to mountainous big me and wakes up a heart to demand a way for the first time, and there is it to a Buddhism sacred book to produce realizing it at last, but even if I enter the interior of a deep bog and therefore can study, ignorance is bliss, the beast tear up the body, but there are similar words when a bad friend, the bad pollen do not approach it because they tear up a heart.

Flower, it are beautiful. Of the flower there is going to be it, and a creature comes. People demanding hope gather to the flower that the person who is rich to a red flower is yellow, and calm people gather to the blue flower. The beautiful kind causes a beautiful kind, and will a wavelength match? Is the flight outside the purple complying ... which is not so good?
People gather for the flower which bloomed beautifully. The flower which bloomed beautifully strongly gives off it to a partner and I am strong and attract it and can be available. I beam and seem to be the still same as the sun with the gravitation. Red and green, yellow and black relations! Hikari desired! ... which go that the people do not gather to the flower which I do not smell even if I am the same as an artificial flower, and there is form without can have hope and a dream.

Does the lotus bloom only in the dirty water? Cannot it bloom? Why will be it that a lotus shines in the circumference of the dirty water? If I have a hard time and can get it simply because I know that I am bad simply because there is what is dirty around, I am beautiful and am holy and feel it.
If everybody is a good person, it becomes natural, and is not it a good person putting a glance?
Than there is it to a glittering flower garden in the light; light of 1 blooming in the darkness. Will the reason why there is not the happiness and is irreplaceable and feels it be that there is comparison contrast? The Big Dipper which you should know that it is bad, but it is bad, but shine in the ... darkness to cut a solution if I know that I cut it, and a solution is good. I do not notice that there is not it in darkness by the invisible day. There is not it from a solution if I do not know darkness so that we have happiness there. It is not good luck unless it obtains the good luck through hardships.
An appearance Shinto shrine keeping on has water, but is it relations of the ... opposite color to be able to remind that water is important?  
It is one sinter in the group. I am seen with one step beautiful が neatly when I know the flower which is not beautiful than a flower is only a beautiful flower and watches it only with a beautiful flower when I watch it together, and a solution seems to be light. If I have a hard time and obtained it, the value is finished to several times. I seem to learn special feelings if I know a process so as the flower blooms. ... that it is it to a normal flower when there is the dignified atmosphere that a hand does not touch, and the unattainable object reaches it.

The thing which a thing to catch is tempted by. The thing that it is saved a thing to save. The thing which emits a popular thing. A thing satisfying it, the thing which are satisfied. A flower and soil and relations of the water. Which are you for a partner? Introduction, development, denouement and conclusion. The four season. Green reddish brown yellow blue. Money of tree fire soil water. 栄盛衰枯. I am born and grow old and suffer from illness and die. It is good, but I am the same as a restroom and overflow and am clogged up when it is passed to lubrication like a flower well and comes back first, and maintaining it is need. To what is red from what is black to what is dark from what is thin. Morning comes, and night comes. Because night comes, morning comes. However, the sprouting should be in winter once again, but there is the temple where I remain you, and it is not it in spring in the winter when it dies by fire of the prosperity of the summer in autumn and does not bloom. Flame is fire of the prosperity. It falls if it rises.
In the case of from it of the temple which helped Ieyasu Tokugawa in a tight corner after Honnoji-Temple Incident and the Shogunate last as a result of family temple. I seem to change whom the temple saves when. A maker, a retail store, a wholesale dealer, the draft, a country. Your fate changes whether you are assigned to phenomenon, which which are repeated from old days.
By rise and fall, understand money of tree fire soil water, and it is good when support it; go (whether is good for a partner whether it is good whether is good for oneself in the society) )? . It is time when who is accompanied now! There is a turning point in the times, but, as for the successful person, there seem to be many person who thought at the time, lucky people if I will think later. ... that the history changes.
The thing which I am thankful for which the sun rises in the same place every morning without I am honest, and saying anything, and go down it. The world will change every day if I come out of the different place. I am a thankful person. Actually, (the place of the sun seems to be the same, and it may be to be consideration of the earth so that the sun hits all which I will take out that the earth turns) ? )?

There seem to be many people whom it is said that the O-type is tolerant, and can say without a reason when all right. It is all right, and there seems to be the place rather than no use, no use if said that I "manage it" when I am saved. (speaking of no use, a visitor has dealings, and bank and Japan stop, too, and it becomes worse, and the economy can be no use, too, but the place is saved if I do not say.) Even as for the market situation world in apartment and サプライムローン.
Somebody feels serious someday even if I take any course in the last because the result is no use.
I do a small amount and do the increase of the burden and the power that collected explodes to collect like an earthquake unless I have a hard time little by little and will bear it at a stretch. When a country was destroyed, will the work of the manufacturing industry increase as soon as paper money value cries? You should seem to think about various things more greatly.
Generally it seems to have many 30 years periods that the person in charge changes, but there seem to be people having a hard time in the person in charge who received it later, children at that time, cities, towns and villages others of the whole country, the world. The place is saved when I borrow money because I am serious and resembles precarious day-to-day management to borrow at distinction closely now because it is serious. When save this; ... that another place is destroyed. Even if Japan says very much now when postwar compare it, I seem to be rich, but seem to be more thankful because there is the country which has a hard time to eat.
I am destroyed without money turning around unless I open a new shop. The person whom I borrowed it from is serious, but is serious because the person lending it to is in danger of the credit breaking. Security, security, sales. The defeated nation of World War I. A lot of debts can do it and the economy of the partner worsens, and it is demanded collection of the credit and a country becomes serious and advances to the wave called the war later. I am destroyed to be corrupt if water does not have movement if the market does not have movement.
One individual of the small wave becomes one family and becomes 1-cho and becomes 1 prefecture, and it is it in a big wave of one country. When a big company is destroyed, a small company is destroyed because a lot of people having a hard time appear thereby by retaining a big company. Because a person does not come, I make a highway, and the times when what assist an old man is serious seem to have done what assist a handicapped person, but will it be possible for the big distortion that a country is destroyed to assist one home as of day's ... that I come to use it up, and the lodging is deserted as for the visitor when I build it to come if I do it usefully unless I fire small earthquakes if I do not do it at the time of now small stage?
I am the same as the principle of the earthquake, and is the world ... which I will take out repeating itself? )?
The times when the bigger earth should be saved than a country is saved seem to come now.
Who steps on the Noah's ark? How many people can you get? Water and the food? Is there the obstacle in the destination?
There seems to be it than I think about a point in the Buddhism because at first oneself is going to burn out for worldly desires when I quiet it earlier.

The meaning to light of the incense stick? With the incense stick?

The fragrance cleanses mind and body, and it is said that I let the Buddha-nature (a French kind) that there is on oneself wake by the incense stick is called "an errand of the faith" for a long time, and cooking incense.
In addition, the incense stick is called "a French messenger", and 浄 or true heart of the faith gets on smoke of the incense, and it is said to Buddha with a method told.
"The hydrangea tea incense" to be pleased with of reference materials Kamakura chief priest Buddha is "the French incarnation" that I change a figure as a French errand so that Buddha saves all creatures heartily and appeared of the avanice of the oneself center.

When I went to the temple of the worship ground, what will the meaning to bathe in the smoke of the incense stick to a whole body before entering the main hall of a Buddhist temple be?

As for the thing which say when the Buddha likes the clean thing "cleanliness", but benefit others for sacrifice by oneself as for it is a plant "flower", and is "incense", and is "a light", and is "water", and being "rice" seem to be because is it. I yearn for the Buddha carefully, and the service that oneself has as hard as possible, the clean heart "consideration" and "true heart" that I offer it and am going to do to benefit others when you have you please if you do it this way are "favorites" of the Buddha. However, "idle about, and a smelly "raw thing", animal "meat and a fish" do not like the heart"; there is so a biological parent in a ... creature and an animal, and there is a family; there is a lot of it for oneself; "cleanse the worldly desires of the dirt of mind and body and smelly breath" with the smoke of the incense stick, and the human being covering the Buddha-nature to have life in the dirt of worldly desires will approach the principal idol so that the dirty breath does not suffer from Buddha liking "the cleanliness" directly with the creature which is "dirtiness". There was the time when you must not eat the creature of four feet which were near to a human being in old days.
You should eat "delicious" ので, but will have I "thank" you when you have and do biology. A heart of the confidence is enriched. If I watch an amusement to make service as hard as possible of the one that I made and can occur to the mind, I become thankful.
That, as for Buddha, all creatures can become France; is so. It is the reason that grows for it because both the plant and the animal are so.
The words "that was feast" that I "have" if I think that I have "life" are born with nature.
Because the person is not ruled over now, freedom hears it, but is ruled by aliens, and oneself are cultivated, and say that several prefectures products are delicious; and ... which oneself and a relative hang it with a string, and will not want to be edible as for competitive show mover which does communal living if is eaten if image what is done, and think with a person, animal parent and child either. The person seems to cut a solution only after oneself becomes the situation of the partner.
It is said that I "tighten" a bird or the fish without the foot. According to oneself, a partner seems to die for oneself to become Buddha.
According to a saved person, the thing saving a partner dies entirely. The thing which gives a shade light!

"Amitabha changes a figure into the bird of paradise which is in the Land of Happiness not the bird which was able to start falling out from transmigration in the six worlds"; in all a person? It is said that I preach teaching to save.
"Are a bird, a pig, a cow, the creature which are in the world Amitabha?" Buddha changes a figure and may appear.
And there is not it and seems to teach it in the neiborhood where I am saved by Buddha when I "become the side to save early".
Because various people have a lot of various troubles, there is a denomination in various ways.
To a person as much as possible, a golden thing and the yellow thing are seen for the light desired just to live.
Because there is light, a shade is made. Solar light is the material and prevents ultraviolet rays in the lower shadow, and there seems to be it when it is cool. I become the darkness except light. All becomes the darkness except the sun. Do you make the curtain of the ozone layer to prevent warming? Or do you make an effort to lower the temperature? When the sun disappears, do you make the artificial sun?
There is the person saving mind to hold out sunlight desired in the place where the sun does not reach to tie flame of light desired to be able to give various partners a blessing like words comparing the course of the teaching Buddhism Great Teacher with. It is a shade it is positive to utter, and to be popular. The darkness disappears if I give off all the light thoroughly. Because it is anti-mind sermon to give off that I accepted a partner at the temple, I cannot save it if darkness does not demand the help. It is not accepted unless I utter that a partner demands it. You do not need to know that you do not need to know it to say ignorance is bliss. The reason seems to be because there is a threat that it produces a trouble when I know it. When there is the world of such a light in Christianity, do you seem to suggest it? (The Buddhism seems to be method of elimination to make a trouble and pain not be it)

A person giving it than a person demanding it is strong in the light. A person with a strong store (a store) is stronger in the thing to give.
The heart that I am all right and am all right, and is saved to see a yellow thing if I advocate boyhood and a three times secret incantation becomes bright and feels like I having been saved. (Care will kill a cat)When made up having a brand thing, became rich; feel like having become younger. (In fact, the clothes had better seem to do the makeup in courtesy to the partner, too)I "am peaceful with light of the eternity", and "the light and heart's-ease of the eternity desired" turn around with the wheel of faith (mind) and the effort (power) and seem to advance to the purpose of the life of the happiness if it is isometry.

I say that "the every corner of the world can watch Buddha in the Lotus Sutra", but I appear even in the next world in the world and may teach it.
"The swallow" coming in 淡路梅薫堂 every year is different from a bad person and I tell a lie and deceive other swallows, and there do not seem to be various worldly desires.
Come over only in instinct, a custom every year; and "the figure which is desperate for only living" there is not appearing, and the figure to fetch bait for for our child forgets oneself for oneself (the person living in the underprivileged dangerous place is inevitable death only in oneself living), and benefit others; give it, and is seen in the heart of the extremity of "the mercy" that nothing is heard after the fact. I look very happy.
I have an animal for oneself and receive a maid of the Avalokitesvara, and the Goddess of Mercy cleanses mind and body by the fate of the previous existence before it is it with a wife during life, and the chief priest who continued for the being married of the Shinran saint who was permitted Honen holy priest by there is me by the side, and will lead it to Jodo unless I disturb it when I advocate a prayer to Buddha stops to the main hall of a Buddhist temple which is a sanctuary to be able to approach the Buddha with the coat incense that did incense (Chinese medicine) to powder.

The war seems to shoot a partner for the family whom it waits for in a house that oneself may be killed if it can cry from an enemy or a viewpoint or a solution. When it was said when a town was attacked by war when the next person opens the entrance, can you open the entrance if a shot does it? Is the hospitality made rich? When a house of the confidence burns for worldly desires, I seem to be able to be available, and I am the same as what is different in a faction different in religion, and oneself is saved, but the partner cannot save the turn that the ... person which seems to be difficult is important.
Both the animal and the pet are the same and seem to give priority to one's family if a heart does not enter.
I am modest with kindness when it comes true, and a heart can be quiet all the environment. However, it seems to be a problem even if environment goes against a heart whether, in addition, you can do it like that.
When food, clothing and shelter are not provided easily when a partner shows oneself hostility and approaches when they hear the words that are not interesting for oneself, may you continue having a still quiet heart and a good act when you are like this?
If environment came true, I was said to be able to be it by the person whether you were rich, but because it was not easy that the person whom it was opaque that oneself ate, and was poor helped, I said to a temple even if a tax did not hang, but would prohibit being married in it being difficult to contact equally in old days when I had a family because it was a human being? Will it be good I deeply attach when I have a child, and to lose its eyesight so that the feeling of a person having the child of the partner cuts a solution though it is not good? When there are thing to carry on its back, a lot of things to protect, the mountain path of the life is heavy and seems to be serious.

I seem to do the funeral service for the person who died, a family, but it is necessary, and funeral money is troubled a lot, and there is the person becoming mentally tired only at a funeral without it being relieved for the person deeply attaching to money. Though it is a dark event, I am depressed in gloomy clothes still more. I make light of you without in it being hot to die if I make a dark event a bright event desired. There does not seem to be the thing in accord with good points and bad points, all.

There seem to be an agila wood and aloes wood, the meaning the incense sticks hold a service for a fragrance to Buddha, and to reproduce meaning to give, meaning except the dirt, Jodo of the sandalwood. It seems to be the thing which it appeared it lets it is said a French messenger and changes the place into "the solemn space", and the Buddha-nature of people, a French kind flower, and to lead Buddha ゴコロ.
The flower of the family's Buddhist altar, the garden of the temple, the beautiful scenery let the heart of people of Buddha wake and seem to become an omen giving an ease.
There is it to a Buddhism sacred book unless I can be seized with a thing reflected in the mesh, but there seem to be a Buddhist image and a garden, a form so that I can occur, and the peace makes an image the start.

Because there is an effect of the sedation (I quiet mind) in the chief ingredient "Chinese medicine" of the incense stick, I assist that I calm a heart and am troubled and lead own to the state (Buddnists' paradise) of the realization without pains.
Was said Buddha; "cook the incense in a room". And I enter in that and quiet mind and I become the ground of nothing and can practice it. The quiet heart calms the partner and seems to feel mountainous trust.
I light incense at the end of 1st, and please have time thinking about nothing for three minutes. (Practice asceticism on a high mountain wave Luo is dense)

In the case of a family lost an important person, "a heart let me do stillness for mind calmly" with the incense stick of aloes wood and the sandalwood of the Chinese medicine to have you be peaceful even if there is few "sorrow of the heart".
I pray for from this of ancestors, and please offer the incense stick of the hydrangea tea.

Are the incense stick of an expensive price, the incense stick of the agila wood the first memorial services?
Is an incense stick a favorite incense stick of own? Is it a favorite incense stick of ancestors?

Are the incense stick of an expensive price, the incense stick of the agila wood the first memorial services?
Is an incense stick a favorite incense stick of own? Is it a favorite incense stick of ancestors?

"That's not true" When "the incense stick used the good thing" as for "Koin Takada" chief bonze of a temple of "Nara Yakushi-ji Temple, it seems to have been talked.
What will a good thing be? Is it a price? To oneself? To Buddha? ? To a partner? ? ? Is it an incense stick? ? ? ? Is it raw materials? ? ? ? ? Whom are you good for? ? ? ? ? ? Who decides it? ? ? ? ? ? ?
If it offers the good incense stick of the price if there is money, I am good, but it is clean true heart to treat the partner who thought about whether you have the favorite of the Buddha thinks about a partner and please how with consideration I think carefully, and to sympathize with the situation and feelings.
When I pass through the incense stick of the oil if I think about the situation of the bonze and read を, I seem to suffer from a throat, and it is pleased with a bonze because I do not suffer from a throat when I pass if it is the incense stick of liked natural aloes wood and read を, and the thing which is pleased by a life and the way of life of the person to ancestors is different. All the dead people seem to go to the Land of Happiness, but it seems to be what had for gets on "a ship of the happiness" without the trouble pains to help people, and it is bright, and it spends that the ancestors that it came to be thought about a partner not oneself is pleased. The person seems to be able to find happiness just to think about the situation of the partner.
I advance by oneself and want to assume that I overdo it what it is! I offer a steamed bun of mine thing and offer first thing in the morning rice earlier.
Does the human being have you please when the old water changes the Buddha into new water and tea not to drink? You should seem to do the service that it is thought by oneself in sense of values and rulers being different in each alien from と.
If it is come, and Buddha becomes it in the evening, water and tea disappear, and it is drunk the water, and there is not it, but I am delicious, and, as for the Buddha, it is had "the true heart" of the feeling to think a partner to be it carefully. "The meal of Buddha is true heart to treat with a heart of the consideration".
The steam of the tea hears it with a feast of ancestors, but how will when it is started the tea which passed for both ... oneself and one hour because it is a fresh one that the steam appears? Even if oneself thinks by life only for rice and spice not what I make it heartless, and do a waitperson of the ancestors in a custom, I sometimes think about the situation of the partner than I offer only one's fragrance that is an enthusiast to the Buddha to get tired of even absorption in Japanese cow, the every day same side dish every day, and the offering of various incense sticks seems to be pleased with. It will be pleased with the ancestors who were able to become Buddha with the hydrangea tea in substitution for tea!
It will be that it is pleased when I celebrate birth with favorite "hydrangea tea incense" of Buddha.
There cannot be the thing, and I have it in evening when I offer the steamed bun of the royalty purveyance for the government, and there are "... smart refined at all" and a note, and there is not it to have decreased by 1 at night when I offer a steamed bun of mine thing either, but it is not divine favor, but feeds a heart and a body if the hand-me-downs of a steamed bun having Buddha offer an incense stick and the rice having Buddha offer it earlier earlier feed a stomach and I am good and use the incense stick of a good fragrance. It is own family "saintly person" to have a fragrance and rice and a steamed bun. A modest heart, the consideration true heart are developed by doing this act. If it is important to fix the environment so that a heart does not become poor, and weather entertains the good incense stick of the fragrance for consideration in a season, it-free, a heart seems to assist what live a rich life by a cause, a result, the reward that I accepted.

Consideration and the true heart why I stop rubbing a grave with a scrubbing brush and make it cloth, and the heart that is such a kind heart, "the cleanliness" that think Buddha to be it carefully heartily thinks a partner to be it seem to become the first memorial service, "a feast of the Buddha".
I will think about what is liked by ancestors 1 first!

Because nothing that "the Buddha says nothing" may say, I think in particular, and please value it.
I covet only one's thing (my child / family / one's Buddha / oneself) which is an enthusiast like mother of eyes in the terrestrial world when I look for ancestors with supernatural power and may be in the world of hungry spirits.
It is an offering to a priest line and hospitality that it does not lose an offering to a priest line and hospitality, own in the world of hungry spirits to save it. Being pleased with the joy of another person together without coveting it "the way of the person."
I hold a service for the incense stick to Buddha, various incarnations of the Buddha, many Bodhisattvas without taking good care of only one's Buddha, and what I entertain when I reach the world of the ancestors in its turn seems to be common.
Until a favorite of Buddha, a minute of the French state that offered the incense stick "hydrangea tea incense" which celebrated birth, and did it when called at the first Bon and the Buddhist memorial service so that it was it with Buddha, and the which died could be born, and did it, and the family died when "treat a lot of people, the various places that there was of the relationship grandly, seem to be good". Hydrangea tea incense to be pleased with of "Buddha. I become happy if I remember the face which the partner is pleased with when I send it.

Even if oneself demands it with a good fragrance, a good fragrance, it is not possible for the satisfaction forever. I gradually covet that the fragrance is strong and I get the nose worse and I cannot already come back to being weak, but feel like oneself having been saved. A person in search of a person being strong and the person who demand that I am weak. It is a behind-the-scenes person and is different from a positive person, but, with the person of a person and the valley of the mountain, the faint fragrance that there was treating you to the visitor of the partner center in the space will be pleased with. There is the person who is weak in the fragrance. There is the favorite person, too. The person can feel it happily just to guess that I lighted it. Of a person, thephobe with a person, the insight understanding space is different in the hospitality to be seen with few people, a tolerant person, a tall person,; but ... The sweet smell that it is fragrant, and I am noble, and do the space of the beginning before the self-satisfaction may have the side to treat that I light it, but entering a fragrance and the hotel which I was able to put together to a partner. Is a fragrance of the hors d'oeuvres degree to メインディシュ good? Will it be good? It is a golden ruler bearing both any kind of pressure and heat and does not cut a solution with a flexible ruler of the justice method whether it is magic or teachings of Buddha unless I think. It is up to the present conditions of a person come for and the durability feeling. The ill person refrains from trips to contact a person, and a nature cure will be good.
It is the hospitality from a beginning to the last with the best hospitality. Hospitality to satisfy the five senses of eyes / an ear / a nose / a mouth / the body. If oneself comes to be entertained not I become rich, and I understand it why it is good, and oneself demanding it this time when I watch the thing which scenery, a voice (music, waiting on customers) fragrance, taste, warmth (consideration, temperature, feel) are good for in the range that it is possible for of oneself by a partner, it seems to be it to profit.
On the contrary, I notice it if the poor person of the heart that is not so possible knows the taste when it is a hot, poor thing. It is pains I demand it like a kid, and not to be provided.
Is that it is a plus a minus? On the durability of the feeling! The fine stage that the festival and the amusement park and the banquet are non-daily.
... which cannot come back when the couple did not know that both the cooking and the prosperity know a delicious thing of upper reaches.
If intellect can keep it alive for others, it seems to be good. Slow time such as the wine red.

I am not said to "be delicious" by the Buddha to offer an incense stick even if "thank you" either.

Though I did "10,000 yen" when I put up the incense stick of the agila wood, the ... Buddha says to nothing.
The words of thanks that "thank you" when I send a midyear gift and the year-end present to the person who was taken care of arrive.

Buddha advised everybody about "the cloth enforcement".
With a heart of the mercy that does not expect a reward to a good thing, I want to recommend it to people.
That I "forgot oneself and benefited others seem to have been said when you have had better put a thing (an important thing) that extremity of the best mercy" or 伝教大師最澄 Buddha was hard to give it.
The reason is it produces a trouble when the thing taking good care of became it soon and because it suffers.

It is almsgiving, mind of the offerings to a priest to offer an incense stick. When I say, the Buddha gives nothing, but Buddha seems to be seen in the every corner to the person of the heart that is such a mansuetude which I advance when it is a waste and throws away a heart of the stinginess unintentionally, and Buddha is pleased with, and break it for Buddha and the world.
It is ascetic practices it gives it, and to have a heart of the mercy of the paulownia it thinks that a partner is pleased carefully, and to treat. (Offering to a priest wave Luo is dense)I seem to be able to say to "the midyear gift year-end presents".
All things did not have form, and every thing was related each other, and Buddha consisted, and it was preached when there was not me for a person either, and all was "the sky". It is unchangeable truth in eternity it occurs by a relationship, and to fall by a relationship.
When another person contacted with all for "a heart such as the bigger sky" to be able to value, not the oneself center, it seems to have been said.
I am troubled and the person decides the good or bad by deep attachment suffers. As for the educational background / the income / the incense stick / the fragrance! (Spiritual darkness / 貪愛)It causes likes and dislikes and must not deeply attach to a heart. Because I avoid that I like it, sorrow happens, and fear happens, and restraint happens.
I deeply attach to the fragrance of one's favorite incense stick, and it is it to an excellent remedy if the fragrance of the incense stick is good and uses the important thing to "the world of hungry spirits" if I covet it with a kid, a kid without being seen. (It points at the best state in Buddhism that it is strange)

Though I see it for the person with a river, I do not see the river for the kid who considers water living in the world of the avanice to be fire with the river.
You must protect the doorway of the five organs of sense (eyes / an ear / a nose / a tongue / the body).
The thing which is important for that person. The article which it does not need for this person. It is the incense stick of "an unpleasant fragrance" for that person with "the good fragrance" for me.
I "am different from a good incense stick by the world where the six kinds of the worlds to come for the people lives in even if I say and the preference of the person, the arrangement of the deep attachment". It is said that I enjoy teaching in all the Buddhist sutras sauce, the Land of Happiness, and it is heard the deep attachment of likes and dislikes of the world as for the "ancestors.
"The favorite become Buddha of ancestors" is a clean thing. How will it be pleased?
Please treat him with "consideration and the true heart that thought about the situation of the partner" in human wisdom grandly.

Will an expensive incense stick be a really good incense stick?
Will one's favorite fragrance be a good incense stick?

The human being judges things from "likes and dislikes". When there is such a fragrance, the Buddha seems to watch it as "a characteristic".
A big house, a small house. Is good; is bad. I am apt to think that it is good to be big when enviable, but there seems to be the good or bad of the house which is small in the small house of the house which is big in a big house.
I wake up a heart of the bad Miya jealousy that jumped that may look at the neighboring house and home. When you live a life at the complying ... same place breeding in the spirit of self-advancement to be impressed if splendid, what will you do? When I use the incense stick with a couple, which favorite incense stick should I use every day? Because the person that ... was young hated the fragrance of the incense stick for preference of ... oneself because the master was away, did not you like it when ... I was young? Though because is ancestors of the master, the master should hold a service; only as for me ... (when think so, do not seem to turn around well.) I seem not to be able to be given the good going) generosity when I think that the master gives oneself a chance to carry out patience and generosity unless a partner is.
Even if I play fatigue and have an opportunity to experience it to the master last once, it seems to be good.
Gentleness to play. Light seems to shine in the other party even if I do not do the hypocrisy heartily either.
Hospitality of consideration and true heart and the consideration, direction and a performance are necessary to give customer satisfaction, the satisfaction of the partner. The service of the moment to think that I am fortunate when I send a hand to the itchy place.

The preference seems to be a ことも large chop I think about a partner for a bigger heart, and to endure (dense fortitude wave Luo) with the couple to be different. The day that is peace seems to come when I bring up respect and affection and patience, generosity.
I suffer, and enduring anger tolerant = mind is big, and there is not a peace = change to need that does not blame many people, and respect and affection = = standing that I have a heart of the affection at the same time to respect it being calm. Being safe.

I look back, and the old man old woman talks about the old days. I "took a water bottle on a Flower Day and it flowed into it and celebrated birth and did hydrangea tea and took it and returned to the Buddha and, in old days without the thing, had I offered it to the ancestors of the house, and I was delicious, and hand-me-downs thank" you. The recent young guy is enthusiast andphobia and ... to make advances to at the oneself center.
When the current people who kept in drink and a lot of quality drank, it was not drink delicious too much, but transcended likes and dislikes to offer to the Buddha. I am rude to ancestors! Be in the favorite thing hand of "oneself, and the crime occurs frequently at one's present when it is possible to be an enthusiast.

The late grandmother said. I did not "gradually do it in a temple nearby without people gathering every year on the Flower Day when they did it, and one pleasure that basic, would celebrate birth of Buddha whom I was thankful for of ancient people that firstly preached the Buddhism that was taken care of decreased, and the ancestors was sad at all". I seem to have received a divine message to Buddha who came out to night of such one day when hard days continued, a dream. "... that the feeling of thankfulness demands form, and the form recommends a heart." Give the incense stick of the hydrangea tea to the fair of the principal idol at a family's Buddhist altar with hydrangea tea as an incense stick on an anniversary of a death and a Flower Day of the ancestors if you find form by fate. If thank you on was good day, and give it, and give it reflectively when was bad; ... which then the grandmother got it by moisture, and died to the Land of Happiness which will lead all to Jodo by the act of charity as for the person who values only a family as for the person who cannot celebrate a Flower Day from the world of hungry spirits of the avanice. (You must not be seized with only a figure and form, but it seems to be important to straighten posture, and eyes show the willpower, and, as for the life, as for the outcome, the age, the personality seems to appear for the smile in a back figure in a face)

The ulterior motive that is going to satisfy oneself as for the love (a meal wants to do it with that person.) The) partner wanting to do ... ... is the desire that I do not OK. Because they think that the love will satisfy a partner in hope of the happiness of the partner, crimes do not seem to be angry generally. Unless consideration is enough; ... There seems to be that I leave it in the case of the love for a partner.
If Buddha is pleased not the oneself center, I do not seem to have the crime if there is a heart of the consideration that can think about the situation and the feelings of the partner when a partner is pleased.
There are various incense sticks, but while I do not know it, as for the act to treat Buddha with a family's Buddhist altar carefully, the children such as a son or the grandchild watch it, and a heart of humbleness / thanks / the consideration seems to be fed recently.
People feed "consideration" and "true heart" each other so that it is it with Buddha, and ancestors and, it and own which there was of the relationship can invite birth and, to the incense stick of the hydrangea tea in celebration of birth of Buddha, seem to find happiness.

What kind of meaning is there to the incense stick? Because I liked roasted meat, is the fragrance of the roasted meat good? Is it a meal of Buddha? A partner? Oneself?
Buddha seems to have said that it must not be spread in the lust to be able to see to look. The color gives off a good fragrance, but it goes by an illusion. When when it is the bait which the devil threw, you must not meddle with fruit of the ... prohibition!
... (you had better seem to hear what the parent says to some extent.) that the way is decided in ... it which I want to look back on if said that you must not look back toward the back Because ... knowing the bait which the devil throws is a teacher born earlier. Why is it why why? ? ? I will hear why is it towards age;)?

The details refer to country bearing a child, God bearing a child each

I was born with Izanami in the last of God world 7 generations in beginning of the world. I gain a lot of children forming a Japanese country between Izanami in country bearing a child / God bearing a child. God of all things in nature such as islands such as Honshu / Shikoku / nine states, a stone / a tree / the sea (great mare God) / water / wind / a mountain (I look at Daisen Tsu, God) / a field / fire is included in the first on the list in that in Awaji-shima.

When I carried a burn on my back to pubic region because Izanami laid カグツチ which was God of the fire and died, I killed the カグツチ (God is born from the blood and the body) and buried it on Izumo and the Hiba mountain of the border of 伯伎 (Hoki).

However, I went without can throw away the feeling that wanted to meet Izanami to meet to the Erebus country, but what had broken a promise with Izanami therefore to have to never look decayed, and it was extorted a maggot, and it was a figure of Izanami among the thunder (いかづち). Izanagi runs away for fear of the figure. I shook off Izanami, thunder (いかづち), Erebus ugly women (I stand, teach me it) to run after at last and blocked up the ground side exit of the Erebus Hira slope (よもつひらさか) which was a boundary with Erebus country and the ground in Oiwa and divorced Izanami.

Various God was born when I made ablutions in a sun country so that Izanagi lost the impurity of the Erebus country, and three Takako of amateur terrace ツクヨミ・スサノオ was born last afterwards. Izanagi 3 entrusted Takako with the rule of Japanese Olympus / night / the sea each. However, because I said that スサノオ wanted to reach "妣国根之堅州国" and cried and did not stop, I expelled スサノオ and stayed in Taga of 淡道 (Awaji-shima, Awaji-shi). There is a mention with Taga of Omi (Oomi, Inukami-gun, Shiga) in the part of the manuscript of the description of folk history, but I write Oomi with 近淡海 with the description of folk history, and it is thought whether it is false copying of 淡道. It is unified in 淡道 in the Japanese Chronicle of Japan.

In addition, it is written in the Japanese Chronicle of Japan that I named current Japan Urayasu.

How is the Buddha pleased with? There is it behind every phenomenon not the profit that I think of Buddha carefully heartily without expecting a reward, and do not judge a thought, things from profit over the body of the partner(What kind of meaning is there for this act?) There are a lot of family's Buddhist altars, too, but why is this family's Buddhist altar good for my denomination? What kind of meaning is there to pass?
Let's wear right judgment I think about a thing in the very front that happened to oneself why, and to see through a true figure, right wisdom (dense wisdom wave Luo).
It "thinks about a partner to light an incense stick and to treat Buddha, and it seems to be practiced being various". "

"The Buddha and ancestors says nothing, but there are various incense sticks because there is preference to saintly person looking at the color for the five senses"
No medicine seems to scarcely work when not after I cure a psychological disorder and seems to come back to the disease of the oneself center immediately even if I save mind. ... which the environment is necessary, and seem to have a hard time to fix the heart

There is teaching of the joys and sorrows moderation to have a way between pain and comfort for teaching of Buddha. One way or the other, there is not being fragrant and, by teaching to have a way between pain and comfort, levels out it and lights feast hydrangea tea incense of the Buddha except the suffering and feels it with the characteristic of the one if I quiet mind and was able to approach the state of nothing and seems to be able to have a heart of the mercy if I exceed likes and dislikes and can imagine Buddha.
Only a feeling to offer to thanks and the ancestors is left.
I advance by oneself and can do any kind of good deed with the best act of charity with pleasure. It seems to be that there is it commonly before the act knows it without thinking that I did a good thing even if I do a good thing.
If a partner is pleased without expecting a reward of fragrance and Yoshiyuki, the heart of the mercy to be pleased with nature and the joy of the partner is surely born.
"The aloes wood" assists that I do the heart of own calmly and do it liberally, and it is it in a state of nothing, but the bonze that I cross Zen meditation, and it was it in a state of nothing seems to get a thing in the depths not there being essence in the going fragrance that the idle thoughts do not have "incense stick だな of the あーいい fragrance".

The old man of the single life I float a boat on the river, and to cost change. The Zen priest who trains itself in a place isolated by a desire. The hermit whom I stay on the mountain, and train himself. I can concentrate on it around if there is not one's thing to want.
I seem to take my ease when I watch a person making absorption in party. I think that the figure to perform gets absorbed without speaking anything if I watch it from a person of the second and wrestles even if I think even if I think that I am free that I am calm.
The person who watches a person watching an old man doing the fishing from the distant place. In addition, I see the different world.
It is said that Hideyoshi Toyotomi was able to warm up with sandals for consideration in the days of an apprentice.
How is a partner pleased with? Do you guess whether you are not cold? ?
The person that the person succeeding in life wants to satisfy a partner. I understand inconvenience, 困 るを and know it, and satisfaction is provided in response to it, and it is pleased.
There is not the environmental side effect to be able to calm a feeling, and "the tea-ceremony room of the money" said to that Hideyoshi Toyotomi made it becomes exalted.
Would the person who held the tea ceremony try whether I was calm, and it was needed even if environment was not accompanied?
When environment came true, I am calm, and can there be it?
The chief priest of the temple? ? Flower arrangement, incense smelling, the tea ceremony? ?
Is it ... which the satisfaction to satisfy all forgets favor, and leave it?
Is Rikyu of 1,000 that I noticed by prosperity of the tea ... same as bullfighting? ? ?
It is said that ... Rikyu who seems to be different was absent from having 1,000 profit judging from various angles.

... which I am modest, and can enter with kindness calmly when environment meets the person. Even if environment goes against a heart, it seems to be a problem whether, in addition, you can do it so wealthily.
Food, clothing and shelter are provided easily, and the words that are not interesting do not enter for oneself and seem to be easy to save a partner when a partner does not show hostility to oneself clearly.
There cannot seem to be the fragrances that the fragrance that it should be kept a heart / mind has bad.
Besides I read atmosphere to an incense stick of fortune Shih who had and it is comfortable and does a sermon for the offering to a priest of service words to the partner. Thus a temple and the relations of the supporter of a Buddhist temple make ends meet. Even if there is not money; hospitality.

One eyes Shih       I say that I contact with all with a gentle look full of love. The warm heart is handed down to a partner through own eyes.
Two sums face Shih       It is an act to always contact with person and quality with a peaceful, calm look. Let's express joy in the expression of the face obediently.
Three love word Shih      There is the another name of expression Shih, too. I say an act to exchange words in gentle words, a considerate manner literally.
Four body Shih      I say becoming a Buddhist priest Shih. I serve it with one's body. A feeling I let you show it with a body and advance by oneself, and to make for others is important.
5 feeling Shih       Idea Shih. A feeling I distribute a heart for others and I am pleased from the bottom of heart together and can grieve together, and to be able to take in other pains and pains as own thing.
6      For example, an act to hand over a seat to in a train with pleasure even if oneself is tired. In addition, I say what I hand over one's position to even a rival and can spend without regret.
Seven bunches building Shih      Give the place that protects itself from wind and weather. So that rain does not hang to the partner the half of the body oneself while getting wet; acts of the consideration to hold an umbrella over. I work like an incense stick!

I do it properly till the last to burn till the last when the incense stick instigates it once when I begin to do it once.
Is different in the incense stick burns oneself, and is popular by a person, giving it, but give a person healing and an ease, and nothing is heard after the fact; oneself as for what burn one's energy to treat a fragrance equally without saying, and is cheerful with a smile with the people of the circumference, and treat a motivation; not the loss and gain of the company (the lord of a castle) if can be helpful, work works for the will of the thanks that there is on the coattails of, and can work; particularly thank you, and bring healing of the profit to in the company (a castle). The incense stick does not say that I took only this, but when profit appears, and it is reduced to its elements, the person is pleased, but loses a motivation when a debt appears, and it is reduced. Thus the company is 100%. When it gained a lot, I pay a lot of taxes, and it is too late when a debt was paid. ... that the debts decrease if they increase what have there is not it and bear stop, fall down, appearing. However, an increasing person comes out.
(the present company resembles the system of a castle saying by old days.) As for what time of times, will not the essence change either;)?

One number to achieve an incense stick for an everyday work is .1? Three .3s?
Incense holder how to put up?

Because number lighting an incense stick at the time of funeral is one of them, is it nothing when it died? With many people that と seems, but is ...

Because when make the incense stick half, and divide it into 3 parts, one's life cannot shorten, but is said with a meal of the ... ancestors in time of a space in time to treat an incense stick at a Buddhist altar; of the rudeness, in fact, will be good every day so that there is not it even if give by 3 in the morning in evening at noon. One's act that I chose spreads.
How to put up incense sticks and a method / number seem to be different by a denomination, but an incense stick is one of them, and, as for Jodo sect of Buddhism, Rinzai sect, Soto sect, Takashi Nichiren, as for the Tendai sect and the Shingon Buddhism, as for the incense stick, there seem to be basically many 3.
There is combustion time of 30 minutes generally when it is an incense stick of 14CM, but recent oneself does not worship it for 30 minutes either. Even if the tea has I break it and regulate time and the strength of the fragrance, and half use the that "the bonze returns in around 10 minutes" without drinking, I am good. It is said to be length of the mind length, the head of a space of the heart the length of the incense stick.
The Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism (I reproduce incense (powder) which I offered in the ash of the incense lamp in Motoyama and lay it at the home and seem to use it.) I seem to tend the person of the unpleasant Sokagakkai lets a short incense stick idle aside, and to use it. (I break it to half and three of them, four of them in the case of the long incense stick which does not fit into the incense lamp.) When I hold a service the past to the future when it seems to be pleased with an incense stick of) one of them which may trade in an incense lamp for being big even if I offer it to the Buddha heartily and do it and I thank Buddha (Buddha) law (the teaching) Buddhist priest (chief priest thing et al. conveying the teaching definitely) three treasures in the case of three incense sticks and use it, there is it when I hold a service for "only a number of the Buddha".
It is said to three incense sticks to confess three evils of existence relationship Buddha / the human avanice / anger / stupidity I offer it to the unrelated Buddha / principal idol, and to do.
As for "the Buddha, it seems to be eaten consideration to the partner and true heart". Originally it should be lighted "heartily" when this heart be heated with the feeling of thanks regardless of the number of the incense stick because I bake an incense-burner, incense and offered prayer and "reach the world of the ancestors" without discrimination! The number of times of the incense-burner is the same, too, but consideration to the circumference seems to be necessary.
It will be pleased when I celebrate the incense stick which I celebrate Buddha in the same way as a human being on the day when the Buddha is important, and do it with "favorite hydrangea tea incense of the Buddha".
The bonze says that even one number of the incense stick is good in three of them. When I am different from the vice-chief priest in number with the chief priest, there is it and it is that the Buddha does not have number and the fragrance of the incense stick and "this "heart" holds a service for various incarnations of the Buddha many Bodhisattvas regardless of number and the way of the incense stick and seems to be good when the true heart can be crowded when all can find happiness when it reach the world of the ancestors in its turn and uses" it

How is the ash of the incense stick good? (A good person good morally, a good act)Is it good? (A good good custom generally has good quality)? Is it salt?

"Incense sticks with a little ash" seem to have come out, but how will the ash of the incense stick be good recently? Should I completely let you become extinct? The thing that the incense stick is vain. The world where the smoke and the ash and the fragrance are elegant fleetingly again.
It seems to be good when I think with a person. I throw it away to the trash box if I "overflow" if using it "becomes the ash" if I use it and "succeed". It is good, but will be good?
When the ancestors became the ash in a grave, will it be to throw it away to the trash box if the bones of the grave overflow?
There seems to be the meaning that, in fact, it is early and dissolves a bone of the ancestors in hanging water in the grave and returns to nature.
It seems to be good when I reduce the ash of the incense stick to its elements for a flow of five components element (the fire soil water-like sky) nature in the same way.  The のが morality that I "drain into the temple nearby if the ash of an incense stick "doing it in the part of sky" (the sky) "draining into the structure of the (wind) among the atmosphere" "carrying away on natural river Wednesday" "returning on natural Saturday" "holding on 燃 Tuesday" s if there is a river natural near which I perform it and will put in an incense lamp" seems to be good manners. It will be good even if I use the salt of the purge for a change of the ash!
Is connections thought for mind now; when receive a ticking off in a garbage disposal facility if reject it, there is it.

The difference of an incense stick and the incense? Are even toy fireworks all right?

For example, it is "an ornament" when it displays a sandalwood tree. When it uses it it makes it the division (a tip), and to treat a visitor with an incense seat and a tea ceremony, it is "incense".
When it makes it powder, and it bags it up, it is "a scent bag". I "burn incense for the soul of the deceased" when I light it at a funeral and a family's Buddhist altar on charcoal.
Is more particular; when if powder it, and paint a body, make "coat incense", incense of the powder the line; a linear incense "incense stick." Even if the thing is the same, names are different by a use place.
I offered it as an incense-burner I burnt with powder of the incense for Buddha, and to introduce "prayer" into in old days.
Because it hardens incense linearly, and it came to burn it, it is a linear fragrance "incense stick". I was convenient for own in the mainstream without source being necessary. A verge treating ancestors with the incense having a linear thing is an incense stick. A verge treating an act, the visitor whom own enjoys should seem to think with incense. Even the linear thing of the sandalwood says an incense stick smell and says when I smell the incense of the sum. If is different, the incense stick is faint because is every day; that there is many that a fragrance stays for the hospitality as for most, the incense because use it what is fragrant; will be a thing?
"Hydrangea tea incense "incense Suiko" to be pleased with of Buddha" incense stick of various kinds came out to an incense stick recently,; but to Buddha and ancestors "prayer and the method of the one which "treats Buddha" when "true heart reach it heartily" of the thanks" "an incense stick." The verge where own "treats time and a visitor enjoying" it is "incense".

If an incense stick and toy fireworks, the common point are vain; time ... Delicate 1:00 when it seems to be broken when I am scattered.

It is fireworks I attach gunpowder to the bamboo and light the tip, and to enjoy with people. How will the Buddha think that I think the situation to be offer it? I seem to be called it like that in old days because I put it in a bowl like an incense stick not I stand in a hand, and doing it, and it was enjoyed.
... which cannot go unless I think about how Buddha is pleased not oneself being pleased

I fold an incense stick into half, and it is "incense" when I use it when I treat time and the visitor that own enjoys it.

It feels mercy of Buddha to turn a flower to this side, and being fed feeling as for oneself seem to be because is it.

It is said that the person cannot write the money to the mental thing. Even a family's Buddhist altar is an incense stick by both the money offering and the prayer, but, even as for the flower and the artificial flower, own seems to be able to write autosuggestion for this act becoming comfortable by oneself mentally because I "do it to be boyhood".

It is a place developing consideration and true heart to treat Buddha with a family's Buddhist altar. Consideration is necessary not a custom.
For "own, is ... where good for Buddha and a partner whether it is sake of Buddha?"

○ Does a flower let you turn towards oneself?
◎ I let you turn here because the person who turned to this place was beautiful.
Because all = does it, I think that it is common.
● Because the = truth is originally service of Buddha, a flower may face it towards a French state.
You should let a flower face it towards Buddha and seem to understand it, but the quietism which I offer it, and is fed is not readily provided.
I say that you must not be seized with a color, but a flower may seem to let you turn to this side that is saved because it is a symbol to let I appear and image it of mercy of the Buddha whom it grieves, and it is troubled, and appeared to us who are deep as well as a Buddhist image.

○ Does smoke use an incense stick without a fragrance, too?
◎ I made smoke the incense stick which was not fragrant without appearing.
Because ... is to all|all of in that way, the fragrance that ... oneself likes because ... which oneself is troubled with is stained with smoke because it is a = apartment thinks that it is good.
● ... which = environment originally changes, and a person of allergy and asthma freezes to a family, and use an incense stick having neither smoke nor a fragrance.
It is the reason that I start money even if a Buddhist image and a family's Buddhist altar are stained if Buddha is pleased and should modernize, and Buddha seems to have a clean fragrance of an incense stick and will be good when I use that, in fact, there are smoke and a fragrance for Buddha because I say when I get on smoke of incense, and faith reaches it. Though it is taken its ease for oneself, is it the honey which an angel threw or the bait which the devil threw? Environment and a family and character and a deposit are different in all a certain situation now, too. There is a lot of なので denominations.

○ Because rice is not delicious, I give glory to photograph and 造飯 of rice and do not offer rice in a French state?
◎ It was able to stop to offer because I gained a fragrance of an incense stick when I offered rice in a French state earlier.
= is comfortable, and nothing is said, and both a French state and the circumference will be good.
● = oneself is originally comfortable, but Buddha seems to have a clean feeling.

○ Do not you purchase a family's Buddhist altar?
◎ Because an apartment was small and did not have money, I stopped purchasing a family's Buddhist altar.
I do not say to a flower of = Buddha either, and saintly person is more important.
● A = family's Buddhist altar seems to be originally a house of ancestors. It seems to be a place of education to teach a child.

◎ The = cause ● truth that why is

○ Are the gravestone and the family's Buddhist altar and the electric appliance and the meat and an incense stick ... foreign goods?
◎ Because the personnel expenses were expensive, Japan stopped Japanese production. I made an employee the person of a cheap country of the wage. Because the stocking is cheap, the profits have a bigger product which they made in a foreign country. The = price competition that I sell more cheaply than others so that oneself survives is production sale in being intense in a cheap foreign country of the expense. The stocking.
● Price collapse, the various burdens of the consumer increase by it. It is pleased to be able to offer it to the consumer cheaply, but how will? The producer be able to settle じのを according to ... if I can sell that I sell it for 100 yen for 400 yen if there is a machine. The person with it demands it somewhere by all means, but only a wage and the amount of money of the retail Nara period fall down. The company producing the articles of the field same as the article cannot compete with it. Without Japan makes Asia in the place that is cheaper as having been so, and the ... last needing the person;, only as for the machine, is ... A person to sell is good first of all; go, but the employment to make disappears. And is it the case that a local person exhibited? ... which comply which it does not lead to forever. If one lengthens, one falls down. ... which there seem to be many foreigners in a tourist recently, but do not stop in the brand which can sell the Japanese whole with the brand which it is with a brand and cannot export to a thing and the foreign countries of a potato in the same way as the tourist facilities which there is not of the whole country, a shopping district, super, a country even if high to be moistened unless country in itself is moistened whether it is what it does.

○ What kind of thing is the incense stick of the grave good in if I burn?
◎ I think that I had better be easy to burn because wind is strong.
I say that all the = incense sticks are for graves and I am cheap and use what is easy to burn. It is one's reason it is easy to burn, and to be cheap.
● I think oil to have possibilities to be able to be accompanied even if I attach gunpowder to even the weed if I should burn. Not an end, I seem to originally treat you with consideration and true heart if I set fire to an incense stick when the prayer that I want to tell to this heart and a partner, a good fragrance reach it. Father thinks that there are few opportunities to usually contact a family, but it is an opportunity it leads the family with difficulty that it is hard to catch fire, and to show dignity as the central pillar of the family. ... which is a thing to be impressed by that a family is deep to the incense stick which even a typhoon and a heavy rain were able to stick to through hardships together together. I am easy. I am fortunate. Because what there is is serious; "thank you"! When night, the Buddha who had "were broken into by the Jeta's temple, I held a service for 100 or ten thousand lights in each all. The old woman with the arrival at on ran around, too, and only arrival at was able to finally turn on 一燈. When big wind blew before long, the light disappeared, but faith was strong, and the light of the old woman that will was deep does not seem to have disappeared. Our happiness seems to be the thing which has been produced in this way by faith and will. Thing ... which I can change what I was able to simplify immediately to be different, but seem to be the black whirlpool which a heart enters the thing which was able to be available through hardships and the thing that I arrived at and cannot readily change

○ Do you offer a battery-type candle?
◎ An old woman lived alone and made it electricity because the candle was dangerous.
= oneself is young, but think that the electricity type is good in a custom even if there is not it by a common candle; is a battery type much more.
● The = candle originally should originally do the flame lighting up the way of Buddha = in the clean space that the Buddha likes; is liked. It is an electric expression by the feng shui that divorces increase, and it is said that there is many it in the house which does not use the fire. There seems to be a thing appealing to the heart of the person for passion in flame. Flame of the Acala! The possibility that it is electric expression = security because I am more dangerous than the year, and feeling of strain disappears, and senility is advanced is ... ... which go which I say that the leaving child should give a parent moderate worry, but wisdom dwells in for an act to watch the long-lived secret, wavering flame when a parent feels relieved to a child.

○ Do you make it a battery-type incense stick?
◎ Because I wanted to use it at a nursing home, a hospital, I made it a battery type.
Because there is a = battery-type candle, the battery-type incense stick is good.
● A = fragrance and smoke are linear incense, incense sticks, and a light glaring with only the tip is originally only simulation product because it is a candle.

○ Because you die, do you make the flower an artificial flower?
◎ Because I died, and an insect came, I did flower or 樒 to an artificial flower in graves.
I thought that even an artificial flower was held a service for because I did all = and was sold.
● As for the = Buddha, it is originally liked vegetable things. The artificial flower satisfies one's heart, and the flower arrangement gives the heart of the person of the circumference moisture.

○ The present conditions ◎ = cause ● truth that why is
What kind of meaning is there for the act? I think about own. It is ... in ... being bad in ... ostensibility of ... oneself because I am busy because ... is toilsome because it is stained. That I am sorry there; it seems to be no good for there not to be a heart.
I simplify it entirely when I interpret it so that one's, arranging is skilled, but do not seem to be common so that oneself becomes comfortable.
For Buddha, how are you good for ancestors?
For example, there is not really a meaning if it is a model entirely unless I satisfy the heart of own which I do. It is not common and lets you do so it. You must seem to become ordinary.

"All people need not to seem to be saved in all as far as saved help lies are connected with each other". I am aimed for relief of the mind to have a feeling that oneself was saved now Care will kill a cat to say. World ... which it was helped until today by a ship of Buddha, but the flower that ... which I will start which, in fact, is good is beautiful blooms a lot when I pick up a lot of people on the bright big boat of the happiness from today

The person whom the incense stick satisfies a heart, but is satisfied at a price. The person who is satisfied with a fragrance.
The person who is satisfied by giving it. The person who can find value there.
Though the family precepts of the the Yagyus grind a sleeve; some relationships. A person noticing the relationship, the person whom I do not notice.
The person who can keep it alive, the person who cannot keep it alive. The person who brings itself to have kept it alive.
God of the relationship seems to have only a forelock and seems not to be able to catch it when I pass.
... which the life may turn into when I can see the sights of a lot of lives and read once again from a beginning

The method that becomes happy

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