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"The true heart" is a falsehood and a plain heart without the decoration, a feeling. The heart that I give elsewhere sincerely exhaustively.
@@iThere is the person who hates when considered to be itj

@@A feeling to sympathize with about the situation and the feelings of the person with "the consideration."
@@iIt seems to be love and mercy to have had both that there is not the hating personj

@@The best house of Buddha "a clean heart." "Feeling is wealth of the best.

A family's Buddhist altar / the incense stick / incense changes by the times, but it does not change in what time of times that "a heart" is important either.
In the temple of the Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism to regard mind (a heart) as important without (a building / a figure / form) in a visible thing, form of "the incense stick of the hydrangea tea" is popular.
I send a feeling of thankfulness to Buddha whom I pass through Jodo Part 3 in Anan that I was not able to realize till the last and preach one of the (I pass through outlook on Buddha's teachings immortality and pass through immortality, and Amitabha passes) and save it, and I change a figure, and still save the people of the Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism by a means. As for the Buddha's teachings, it is the same that there is in I have heard thus and a sutra in the sentence that a pupil heard when gone an opinion Buddha in this way. It is the last direct story from Buddha to a regular person of the ability to hear teaching in the Lotus Sutra. I matched the situation and the feelings of the partner, and it was possible for a lot of means sutras and denominations from consideration of "the anti-plane sermon" I accepted the ability of the partner, and to preach teaching to save it from the trouble pains. I say, but the lie to save a person seems to be good Sometimes fibbing does the trick.
@Value seems to have the incense stick of the hearty one of the consideration than I think about nothing and put up 1,000 incense sticks in a custom (a form) in 1.
Even temple worship seems to come from there on an act of charity that tens of thousands of times went and worshiped at when they give up on a fair and the day, a valuable day.

A problem ¢ marriage partner? A child? The fate?
What kind of person will a marriage partner have good? What kind of child will a child have good?
Oneself is happy, and a parent is happy, too, and a partner is happy, too, and a child is happy, too.
The child cannot decide a parent. The parent can decide a child to some extent. If I add partner and oneself and divide it by 2, generally I gain creation. There seems to be the mutation, but it is gambling to bet on it.
The parent says that all the children are pretty, but I am given it by a relationship from the sky, and the child is born, but is true whether the invitation of the devil is a lie? Till when do you follow? Is it really good? It seems to be oneself and a child to some extent that suffer from the bait of the devil unless I think to the point and ascertain it by oneself well. ... which I will start which one's history moves by the present judgment with the fate almost time when a drop fell into the surface of the water at that moment at that time, and open

Is there the place said to be able to go to the Land of Happiness if I can touch it in a problem X temple a door of the Land of Happiness of the basement?
If I go down and go round to the right, and it is not explained ..., I cannot touch it. ... which go that it is not readily possible to arrive unless I study before the next world goes

When you put 0 problem money offerings, how are you considered to be it? I send Buddha like a brick and do throw it out to only a notice?
Does nothing think other than one's wish? When "always thank you" for a feeling of thankfulness, can you enter kindly quietly?
How will oneself feel be Buddha? As well as one's thing, I seem to "practice thinking about a partner".
Clutches will be made not to hurl it at Buddha! Though there are a lot of people before, I covet it rushingly and do not hurl it at the head of the former person? Do not you trouble the elderly? It is not good to put a money offering rushingly without thinking about only one's thing.
Let's "put hands together quietly from behind distantly". Even if "is long, the Buddha looks, and the Buddha is smiled at in the modest posture with a smile.
Buddha or the Kannon look to such a person and do not think that you grant a wish and are going to help it?
There is a cause in all, and there is a result, and, as for such act, there is the reward that I accepted in the future with nature.
There seems to be a meaning in all. I will think about seven why around the body. (I pat it and say hello?) All the Japanese have many cases making hoarse doing, but seem not to be able to save the person even if then they can save oneself.
I hold a service for the bill that reached from a person the person by ferry, a relationship at hand variously "liked a pure sacred tree and a vegetable thing as for Buddha and God".
Aluminum and the copper are not liked to Buddha.
A donation as "always put hands together, do it, and when offer it once a year, and do it, is pleased, and the heart of own is cleansed, and is moistened for a pure feeling of thankfulness". Consideration and the true heart are nourishment of the hearts. "

Does the request when I went to one problem shrines and temples Buddhist temple wish for the happiness of another person praying for one's happiness?
The happiness is blessed with good luck; and a heart being contented. Happiness is complaint and that I am satisfied, and a heart is contented. It is happy to be hard to come true even if I pray for the good luck with a lucky thing, this three. It is complaint and that a person is happy only by good luck sometimes continuing even if dissatisfied in Mainichi.
Ishibotoke seems to have granted all wishes in old days. But a person in hope of the misfortune of the person appears, and it is said that it is hard to come true and did a wish.
I think that there is a partner, and there is the groan, but, as for praying, the good luck will surely continue if I pray for the happiness of the person.

The ancestors become to two problem Buddha liked a chocolate cake.
Oneself loves a strawberry cake and which should offer?
On the feeling of answer own, a heart. ... which go which there is if it is "a cause result, the reward that I accepted", and the responsibility that I chose by oneself is natural

Three problem Amitabha relieves it in afterworld (to the Land of Happiness without the trouble pains).
Why will not you relieve it out of a trouble / pains in the world?
Because answer feeling is not enough, I am troubled and suffer. If there is not a heart to believe that I am saved, I seem to be able to go to neither Land of Happiness nor heaven. @
"The clean, gentle heart" seems to be led to "clean Jodo".
The world seems to be able to be not be it depending on ascetic practices with a mediocre person in Jodo.

I am saved if I believe in four problem God. If I believe Amitabha and advocate it with south nothing Amitabha, am I saved? Is there the next world? Is not there it?
Affirm that there is it that there "is the next world", and is "saved";; when believe it, and was able to think that is "protected", seem to be already "saved because is various". When I write the character of the person on the handle and swallow it, I am saved from the feeling of strain.
I help it from the fear that an evil happens, and it is protected by having a lucky charm. . It is "a heart" that there is there.
A feeling says the illness from old days,; but "must not make a thing with the possibility that there is not the support of the heart". Any kind of thing is good for "oneself, but let's lead own and a family to have possibilities to come to take autosuggestion.
How will oneself say a French state to save it from the trouble pains? At the same time as the incense stick / incense "satisfies a feeling of thankfulness to the Buddha conveying prayer and true heart to Buddha" saving; by the world is "troubled, and heal a heart out of pains, and may seem to be set".
Boyhood to be cured if even a miscarriage and a disease, a helpless thing touch guardian deity of children!
The person is saved when I tell you that I am good if I do it this way.

What kind of way is a way of five problems? Is it a way to put up an incense stick and incense, tea?
There are a thorny path, the way of the kid, a way of the Asura, the way of the pole, the way of the sword, a weak ‚Ì way, various ways, but it is "a heart to treat a person" not the oneself center to know this three way in "way of the sinter, flower arrangement" "way of the tea, tea ceremony" "way of the incense, incense smelling". As for the person, the heart of own is moistened the person whom I entertained to a lot of people variously.
The service of the smile, service of the sinter, service of the tea, service of the incense, "true heart."
As for "treating you of the true heart to think with consideration, the partner whom sympathize with the situation and feelings, and think carefully of the partner" it "the way of the person, humanity"

Six problem suicides occur frequently, but where will go to?
Where will the person whom I abandon now of the freedom to be able to do anything, and die go to now?
If think about the situation of a left family, everybody says when "is all right",; but ...
It is said that I burn because I covet it even if the world kid of the avanice sends food, and it is deleted.
More freedom does not work in the next world, and the person whom I suffer life, and abandoned freedom by oneself suffers in small, terrible space.
It seems that all the dead people go to the Land of Happiness, but it is a heart of the consideration of the Buddha saved with anyone.
The person who abandoned the pleasure seems to be liked in the world of pains. There seems to be the wavelength that the kind invites a kind to both the next world and the world to the place where a good person is good so that an electric wave arrives properly. You must not commit suicide.
Of own which watch a bad person of more luck, finish with that alone let's think about a lucky thing!
The = luck being good that it is lucky that I am blessed with = good luck to be happy, and a heart is contented

Why will be it that I put up bait to a carp in seven problem temples?
The thing that it is nice that I do not do it for oneself, and a carp eats bait with great relish.
There seems to be the meaning to have you feel that you treat you and are pleased with the joy of the partner.

As for the family's Buddhist altar, why will a seat put hands together from eight problem old days?
As for a seat putting hands together before a family's Buddhist altar, there seems to be the meaning to be able to calm the feeling of own.
When I lower the head while walking with having stood when children "perform" it in the morning because they are busy and go out, there seems to be it for a traffic accident.
It is then, but, speaking of the reward, should seem to get up early for 10 minutes.

 @Is it a flower and a person? Is it the four season? Is it inevitable four sufferings of human being? Is it Line 5?
The flower is going to let the sprouting and the breeding, a flower beautiful as hard as possible bloom from a seed.
The flower which bloomed is scattered someday and the flower blooms from a new seed again.

 @What kind of story is a story of Taro Urashima?
Once upon a time it is over all too soon at time it is over in no time in happy time when I received a reception in the Dragon's Palace (the thing that is good if I do a good thing morally, ... retribution) and if I notice thanks when I help a ... tortoise if the back Island is with to the tortoise which I helped and performs it to the Dragon's Palace, and both circumference and oneself are oldiThe lifej

The method that becomes happy

The method that becomes happy@‚Q

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